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    Hi all,
    Can anyone provide any info on the tennis at CN? Do they have a tennis pro? Do they offer clinics/lessons, tournaments, etc? Also, since we'll be going in August, is it too hot/humid to play that time of year or is it better to just play in the morning and lounge on the beach/pool in the afternoon?


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    Hi D&J,
    CN usually runs tennis clinics in the AM (8-9:30ish) and a round robin social format in the PM (4-6). They usually have a visiting pro that runs both of them, but Devon is the head pro and has been there everytime we've been at CN. This is our 3rd trip to CN this March. My husband will be the visiting pro the week we are there. You can usually meet the visiting and head pro at the manager's reception on Monday nights. I can't comment on the temp in the AM in August. I would imagine you would be fine as long as a dip in the pool or ocean is soon to follow.
    Have a great time in paradise!

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    We have been to CN twice in August. It is hot and humid, but not so bad that you can't play, just take a water bottle. Devon will make sure you take breaks from the sun
    Ive played at 9:00am and at 4:00pm
    In the morning it seemed hotter as the sun is directly on most of the courts. In the afternoon the courts were a little shaded, as well in August there is usually a short shower in the afternoon and while the courts dry fast there may be some lingering clouds. I found 4;00 pm was a good time to play except you need to lay off the Red Stripes for a bit before you play.

    Have fun


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    Default tennis at CN

    Thanks for the responses!

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