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    My fiance and I are considering honeymooning at Couples Sans Souci in May. I am wondering how you all booked your stay(s) at Couples. Specifically, do you always book through the Couples site, or do you use other vacation deal sites to book? If you use an outside site, are you still eligible for many of the free inclusions (Duns River Falls excursion, golf, free airport tranfsers, etc.)?

    Also, we may be interested in adding the honeymoon package to our stay. Would we be able to add this if we don't book through Couples?

    Thanks in advance!

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    In 15 trips to Jamaica we have always used a travel agent and I wouldn't do it any other way. It's nice to have someone we can talk to if there is a problem. This year for instance I got an email on a Friday afternoon that our flights had been changed by the airline for the trip to Jamaica and we had 4 (yes that's four) minutes to make our connection in Atlanta. In the email were several options for us to pick from to correct the situation getting us out of the mess. All I had to do was chose the one I liked, call my travel agent and let her know and go back to work while she cancelled the flight with the nightmare airline and booked us on a different one and also changed our trip insurance. A couple questions come to my would I have even been notified (WOULD I have) of this situation if I hadn't used a travel agent? When I did become aware I would have had to do all that work that she did for me...UGH! What if this happened to our return flight while we were on vacation, how am I going to fix that? It's just really nice to have a person I can contact with any questions or problems. And a travel agent does NOT cost you extra money, in fact many times she has gotten me the trip cheaper than what I've seen it for on the internet and it's always been at least the same price never more.

    If you book through a travel agent all the Couples inclusions are still available to you...those are Couples perks regardless of how you book the trip.

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    You should get all that Couples offers regardless of who you book through. That's the beauty of couples, everyone is treated the same regardless of who they booked with and how much they paid.

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    It do not matter where you book, your package is the same. The only different is the price. I would get prices from Couples and your TA.

    If you do book with a TA, book with a person that can help you with your trip. What I mean is to book with a person, not a computer.
    Irie Mon

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    We are looking to book CN for May. I am using a TA. I feel more comfortable since this is our first time for a trip like this. I did compare prices with what she gave me and what was on the website and they were the same. But I had tons of questions which she answered right away, not sure who I would have talked to using the website.?? Its just a better piece of mind for me! Have fun! I can't wait!

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    We always book our room directly with Couples and our flight directly with the airline. We've found better deals this way. We've never had any problems using Couples for booking. :O)

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    Sorry, but is against message board rules to mention specific travel agents or tour companies. I trust you appreciate that this policy keeps our message board free from outside sources promoting their own services.

    Couples Resorts

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