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    Do these rooms have the full mini bar option? or is it beer/mixers only?
    Also, what building should I request and cross my fingers I get

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    All rooms at CN have a small refrigerator stocked with beer, soft drinks, juice, and (maybe) wine (wine has been hit or miss for us lately). You also have your choice of a fifth of rum, gin, vodka, or scotch. You can change your selection the next day, and they will trade out the bottles. Choose the rum; the gin, vodka, and scotch brands offered in-room are nowhere close to premium.

    There isn't a best building to request for beachfront rooms; since it's your first time at CN, it seems silly to request a specific building because you don't know what you'll be doing or where you'll be spending most of your time. For example, some people might tell you that Building 5 is the best building b/c for them, it's "best" to be located near the watersports center. If, however, you find yourself spending your time on the a/n beach, then Building 5 is the least convenient of the buildings that house beachfront rooms. Similarly, those who spend a lot of time on the a/n beach will likey opine that Building 9 is the best, but if you find your preferred spot of beach near the watersports area, then Building 5 would have been better suited to you.

    We like Building 6 b/c it's the closest to the spot on the beach where we spend all day every day that we're at CN. That doesn't mean, however, that it would be the "best" building for you.

    Since it's your first time, I suggest allowing the resort to place you in an available room and not worrying about what might be "best"; next time you visit CN, you'll have a better feel for how you like to spend your vacation and will know what location would work best for you. At that time, requesting a specific building upon arrival makes sense.
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    All rooms have full minibars with liquor and beer.

    You can not request a room or building prior to your arrival, but at check-in you can make a request. As far as a building, depends on what you want. We like to be in the middle of it all so we like buildings 1 and 6, although we like the views from 7 and 8, but 9 is closest to the AN beach and 5 is closest to the dive shack while 2, 3, and 4 are close to the tennis courts. So what is your preference?
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    Sweet! I'll go with lucky #7 We stayed at CSA this past christmas/new years. It sounds like CN will be great! We like a smaller more tropical feel resort. CSA was wonderful, just pretty darn spread out. Question: is this Pamela that only takes a carry on??? If so, it was my goal to carry on only in Dec and we did it!!! It was great!
    Thanks for the help!

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    Is there a map which shows which building is which any where? I thought I saw one once before but now I can't find it.


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    This may pop up twice as I posted a reply this am and it still has not appeared.
    Thank you for your help! I'll go with Lucky #7 We will be there Memorial wknd!!!
    Also, is this THE Pamela who goes carry on only? You inspired me on my last trip this past Dec. to CSA and we did it!!!! I will only do carry on, unless I am going somewhere cold.......... that probably will never happen tho

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    Yes, I travel with carry-on only and have posted my packing list a few times. It's the only way we travel. Glad you found my posts useful.

    BTW, there are no beachfront rooms in Building 7. All of the rooms in that building are in a lower category. Most are ocean rooms, although there might be some garden rooms. When we first started traveling to CN in 1999, all beachfront rooms were in Buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9. Since then, people have reported being placed in garden rooms in some of those buildings, but beachfront rooms are only located in the buildings closest to the beach, so they will not be located in 2, 3, 4, 7, or 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by preilly44 View Post
    Is there a map which shows which building is which any where? I thought I saw one once before but now I can't find it.
    Try these.

    Happy & Safe Travels!


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