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    Default Hair Braiding Questions! All input appreciated!

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I will be returning to CSA in May (I am so very excited already!) and want to get my hair braided this time. I have several questions about it first though.

    First, is it better to have it done at the spa/salon or on the beach? Any price difference?

    Secondly, can I use part of my resort credits to pay for the hair braiding?

    Third, I have pretty long hair, just past my chest. I have heard some people mentioning that it is damaging to hair? How damaging? If I in any way have to cut my hair or if there will be noticeable damage, I think I am out. I would just appreciate some more explanation of that.

    Laslty, I would love to see pictures of anyone else who has had their hair braided in Jamaica.

    Thanks for your help. I really do appreciate it!

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    I always get my hair braided first thing when we arrive at the resort. When I've been to CSA, I always use Carol or Janet on the beach right by the water sports hut. I believe you can get it done in the salon, but I think it might be a little bit more expensive. I usually pay about $50-60, and my hair is just past shoulder length. When I used the salon at CTI, it cost me about $70-80. I really like sitting on the beach to have it done rather than in the salon, though. As far as I know, you cannot use your resort credits if you have it done on the beach because I don't believe you can charge it to your room. I've never tried, though. If you have it done at the salon, you can use your resort credits.

    I have never noticed any damage to my hair. I suppose everyone's hair is different, so I won't be so bold as to say that it will not damage your hair...just that I have never had a problem. I usually only leave it in for the week while I'm there, though, and take good care of it. Use only shampoo (no conditioner) and just let it rinse through. I wrap it in a scarf at night for sleeping. I use gel and hairspray on it daily to keep it looking smooth. I also use spray-in sunscreen, which is supposed to be hard on your hair with all the alcohol in it. I do know salons in the States sell spray-on sunscreen for the scalp with no alcohol in it if you are concerned about damaging your hair.

    I love having the freedom that having my hair braided allows. It takes very little time each evening to get myself ready, and when I'm in and out of the water, it is absolutely no fuss!
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    I am asuming you are caucasion? If so,it depends on how strong your hair is. My children are 1/2 mexican and 1/2 white and they have had their braided a few times with no problems in other countries. I, on the other hand am white, and when I had mine done for the first and last time it was done so tightly that I did have breakage and a horrible headache. I do have light colored hair and get it highlighted. You probably can use this as a guide. My kids all were able to wear their braids very well for about a week. You can also wash it with no problem. If you decide that your hair can take it, get it done early in the week so you can enjoy it.

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    Don't do it! Its a! #*%$#! To get them out. I wont do it again

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    There is a little bit of a time commitment to removing the braids. It usually takes me less than an hour to remove them, and if you have someone help you, it can go much quicker. I often will take out the beads and let the braids relax for a couple hours or longer if it works for your schedule (sometimes even taking a shower to help relax them). I still find that benefits of having them for the week of vacation far outweights the time and effort it takes to remove them. If I was bolder, I would even wear them a bit when we got home. But, coming home to subzero temperatures makes it difficult to enjoy them!!

    Also, I do take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen as soon as I get the braids done, as you will get a headache by that evening. If you take the pain reliever right away and stay ahead of it, then you shouldn't have much of a problem.

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    First of all, I would like to thank you for the replies thus far. It seems like everyone has a different view on this, which is not helping me make up my mind. Yes, I am white and have very thin, light blonde hair. I was hoping to get it braided for the convenience since I don't want to mess around with blow drying and styling any during my vacation. However, I am a bit fearful of my hair breaking. How do you get he braids out? Just untie each one individually?

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    I have never had it done, however my hair stylist made me promise not to do it! She said it deystroys your hair...

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    The reason they say it is damaging is that the hair breaks and is stressed so it is a lot more frizzy when you take it out. When you sleep and move around the hair rubs on your pillow. Normally that isn't a problem because your hair can jsut move freely. When it is braided or even in a ponytail it can't move like it would if it were loose so it breaks. Most of the people I have known that have done it start with nice smooth braids but by the end of the week the braids are sort of fuzzy with individual hairs sticking out just a little bit, all along the length of the braids. Those hairs didn't just come out, most of them broke.

    If you do it make sure you put sunscreen on your scalp! Most of that skin is never exposed to the sun so it will burn in a hurry and then peel which looks pretty awful and itches quite a bit.

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    You look pretty in your braids. Unfortunately I have a very large fore head so, I need bangs. No braids for me!! 49 days til CN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    I will be a Couples newbie, so I can't comment on having braids done there.

    On the other hand, I have had braids (corn rows) done a few times before. I have thin hair.

    I can tell you that everytime, I have had quite a bit of breakage. I think depending on your hair type, it can be very damaging.

    Hope this helps!

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    Be verrrry careful about a full head of braids if your hair is thin. One of my friends had her hair braided in Mexico - she has thin hair and when she took out the braids her head was a slight mess - she had to go to her salon to get her hair shaped/styled in a different way. She was told that her hair broke all over her head from the tightness of the braids.

    Maybe as an alternative you can just go with a few braids to frame your face??

    In any case, you're EXTREMELY lucky to be returning to CSA - Enjoy your trip!!

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    Well, I think you girls have helped me make up my mind. Though I would love to have the hassle-free braids for the week, I have decided it is just not worth it in the long run. My hair is very thin and fine and it would likely end up very damaged as a result. I think the braids are fun and cute, but I will just have to suck it up and embrace the blow-dryer. Thank you so much for helping me make up my mind Regardless, it is going to be an awesome time! I can not wait!

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    I have had my hair braided for 7 trips in the last 6 years. I am sad that I won't be getting it braided this year because I have gone to a short cut that is too short for braids. I have fine hair (but a lot of it) and never had a problem. When you take the braids out, you will have LOTS of hair fall out - that is the normal "shedding" that hair does but because it is in the braids, it can't get away so you notice a weeks worth (or however long you leave the braids in) all at once. I LOVED the convenience of NOT having to style my hair every evening for dinner. I finally decided I had to quit keeping my long hair to look good 1 week of the year!

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    cant say either way about hair damage. but what i have seen is a few scalp sunburns from the newly exposed areas. just an fyi.

    it's all about the kids

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    I have also heard of many who have contacted head lice from beach vendors doing the braiding, think I would stick to the resorts salon if you decide to get it done.

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    Default Braids.....

    Quote Originally Posted by BeachGrrl View Post
    Well, I think you girls have helped me make up my mind. Though I would love to have the hassle-free braids for the week, I have decided it is just not worth it in the long run. My hair is very thin and fine and it would likely end up very damaged as a result. I think the braids are fun and cute, but I will just have to suck it up and embrace the blow-dryer. Thank you so much for helping me make up my mind Regardless, it is going to be an awesome time! I can not wait!
    BeachGrrl,,,,,I too have very thin hair. What I do that's a bit different is:

    1 - Get it braided right after a shower while wet, with leave in conditioner in it.
    2 - I have them do thicker braids...It's less time consuming and makes for larger braids at the ends.
    3 - Rinse every night with cool water and run conditioner thru my hair. I also use leave in too.
    4 - When removing, I only do it in the shower. So I take out the bands, let the water soak my hair, then slowing undo the braids from the bottom up. The water makes each strand 'fatter' which makes it easier to remove the braids.

    Eventho I don't look like it I'm 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 Jamaican. I love getting it braided...And have for as long as I can remember.

    I'm very lucky.... I have 'good hair', my 'winter color' is darker than most peoples summer color and as my hubby says, I can tan by refrigerator light.

    You could always just have the front half done, and leave the back hanging...I've seen a lot of people doing this too.
    Good Luck with your decision.

    Nathalie & Steve
    CTI...2009; 2010; 2011
    CN...2012; 2013

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    My friend of twenty years: Janet Weekly and her friend, Dainty, rule the Beachfront styling area. They need your business and they work hard all day for the guests. They are nice folks that are local and support families. You'll all look very hot, when finished. quote me, DogMon

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    tnt nice braids, they look great; thanks for sharing your pictures. At least I know what I have to look forward to.

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    Ok gals I have read your comments BUT I've never heard from a dude. I've got long white hair -- come with being a Santa -- & I'd like to do a braid so I can be listed a Dreadlocks Santa -- is that to bizzare or lame??? My hair is super thick and I do have to bleach it cause about 20%of it is a mousy brown -- do I need to worry about damage????

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