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    Default E-Reading- Does anyone have a Kindle or Kobo?

    I live in Canada and would like to buy an e-Reader before we travel in March but I am debating whether to buy a Kindle or a Kobo.

    From what I understand:
    for Kindle, books can only be purchased from Has anyone experienced problems with the Kindle automatically rebooting with the newer WiFi version?
    for Kobo, can books only be purchased from (or the Kobo website)? It seems like the amount of books are limited from Chapters/Kobo; can you also purchase/download books for the Kobo off of

    Since I'm Canadian, a Nook is not an option. I also have no interest in an IPad because of the size and I already have a ITouch for internet surfing, watching movies, etc.

    Thanks everyone- and Happy New Year!!

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    i have a kindle with the 3g and wifi never had any problems with it rebooting....i have only purchased books off of amazon...there are plenty to choose from. every book i have looked for i found on their website, also lots of free books!

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    Have you thought about a Sony ereader? I have one and I love it! Just back from CN/CSA split and I downloaded 10 books from the Sony e-book Store, at an average price of $7.50, BEFORE I left and it was great! As for Kindle, which has wifi capabilities, why do you need to download books while on vacation? Get them before you takes literally seconds to download! And you can get books from anywhere, not only Amazon.

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    I love my Kindle. I took it Couples last year and it was so neat to finish one book and pick out another. It worked great!

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    Actually, I did more research since my post and decided on the Kobo since I'm in Canada and the Kobo supports the ePub format which allows borrowing from a library database.

    I've never used an eReader on the beach before though and just want to check with anyone who has a Kobo that they've had no issues reading in various lighting conditions (ie: bright sunlight).

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    Default I got the Kobo for Christmas and love it

    I had the same dilema and came to the same conclusion. I got the Kobo for Christmas (we leave in 26 days for CSS/CN). I love it. I decided to get the gel covers to protect it from suntan lotion, sweat, etc. Something to think about.

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    Hey again fellow Canadian. My Sony e-reader also supports EPUB, that's all I download it seems, and our public library also has almost all its books in EPUB, it just takes too darn long to get one from the library. If I'm at home it's OK, but for vacations you can't plan on when you're actually going to get a copy. I'm hoping the library system evolves and fixes that problem. My Sony e-reader worked really well on the beach, but I found that after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, the print started to fade in spots, so I would turn it off and reboot and it was fine. I just made sure I was under a tree for the partial shade they give. My e-reader is a couple of years old and I think the newer ones are better now.

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    I have had a Kobo for about one year and just love it for travel

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    I have a Sony eReader (Touch Edition) and I love it! I can download up to 20 books from my library, which definitely is sufficient for a one-week vacation.

    I don't like the Kobo because of the textured 'back' on it.

    I have purchased books from the Kobo site as the Sony supports ePub format books.

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    I just got back from CSS. I have a Nook (I know you said that wouldn't work for you). I have the one with 3G wifi. I used it right on the beach. I had internet access. I was on facebook. It was so cool. By the way, the Nook also supports EPUB & I can 'check out' books from my library. There are lots of free books available from Barnes & Noble too.

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    Just one more thing! lol The Sony e-reader has page numbers at the bottom of the page when you're reading (page 170 of 360, for instance). Does the Kindle or Kobo? Watching David Letterman and he had an I-Pad and I noticed that it doesn't have numbers either. It's just something that I really like.

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    I am also looking into an E-Reader. It would be nice when they come together with a standard format. I'm just going to look for a good wi-fi model. I don't need the 3G this go around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iriesue View Post
    I had the same dilema and came to the same conclusion. I got the Kobo for Christmas (we leave in 26 days for CSS/CN). I love it. I decided to get the gel covers to protect it from suntan lotion, sweat, etc. Something to think about.
    Thanks Iriesue! Where did you buy the gel cover from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelBug View Post
    Thanks Iriesue! Where did you buy the gel cover from?
    Hello everyone.
    I'm Canadian also, and after much research, my husband bought me the Sony e-reader touch for Christmas! I absolutely love it, and it is very easy to down-load books. I'm looking forward to using it on the beach at CSS in 98 days!!!

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    They are available at any of the chapters stores and you can also order on line at Its under Kobo ereader then choose accessories.

    Have fun with it.

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    I live in Michigan and just got the Kobo reader from Borders for Christmas. You can buy ebooks from and Borders also has an ebook iPhone app (as well as blackberry I think). The Kobo reader does have the page numbers (ex 170 of 260) at the bottom of the pages. Going to CN next week so looking forward to traveling with this for the first time. Should lighten my load since I won't be carrying any physical books this time. In full disclosure I worked with Borders when we developed the app for the readers and mobile devices(with Canadian company Kobo) so I wanted to try it for that reason BUT have been happy with the quality and experience of reading on the devices.


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    Have you experienced any issues with using your Kobo on the beach (no glare and works well in all lighting conditions- sun, shade )?

    Fitzroyfan (Jo): After you return, I'd love to hear about how the Kobo worked on the beach (ie: reading in bright sunshine, etc.)! Enjoy your trip to CN! I'm envious. We LOVE CN!

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    I'm waiting for my Kindle to come and it should arrive mere days before my departure to CTI. The one I got was with Wifi and 3G and from my understanding, it'll work darn near everywhere in the develped world. Jamaica, I've already checked, is 3G compatible as well. I'm Canadian too, Vancouver, and the Kobo was just too.... IDK, didn't seem quite as varied as the Kindle did. I'm sure though that the Kobo covers will fit my Kindle. Kobo is essentially just a Kindle knock off so it shouldn't be hard to find gear for it once it's here.
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    I just got back from Couples Negril and loved using my Kobo reader on the beach. NO glare at all as promised and it was lighter then a paperback. Managed to get through 2 books in my short 5 day trip without having to weigh down my luggage with physcial copies of the books. Being a book lover my whole life I wasn't sure if I was going to adapt well to the ereader but I love it. The Kobo was easy to understand and used. Using the Borders app, I could also synch up to my bookmarked pages when I read the same book on my iphone (Borders has an app for that too). Having worked for Borders most of my adult life until recently, I have a hard time supporting Amazon and their kindle. I highly recommend the Kobo reader!

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    Hi fitzroyfan!

    Thanks for your post! I did make a decision and my husband bought me the Kobo for an early anniversary present a couple of weeks ago! It was so simple to set up and it is super easy to buy books and checkout/download library books. I really love it. And yes, there are page numbers and once you shut of the reader, it shows the % of the book that has been read which is a nice feature, especially when reading library books with a limited checkout period.

    I also like the regular short-term promotions that Kobo offers via email, such as 30% of your first read, 25% off a single read, or a $1 off unlimited coupon, for examples. I already have a collection of books downloaded for my trip and look forward to not wasting space/weight in my carryon/luggage for books! I'm also happy to hear that the Kobo performed well on the beach and that glare isn't an issue.

    Also exciting was the new protective cover with black rubber edges that Kobo just released last week...I was concerned about Kobo's exposed USB port when on the beach with all the super fine sand. This cover will solve the issue! I ordered it right away.

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    Default Kindle

    I love my kindle and have had it for 2 years. I once had a problem and they sent me a new one the next day, no charge. Tons of books, free books, and now solitaire and other games. It's the best.

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