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    Default Diving - March 8 - 14

    Hi all!

    I may be jumping the gun a bit, but we booked a SR for March 8 -14 and I'm fairly sure we'll be at CTI, since everything else is totally booked up!

    In any case, I'm hoping to get in some diving (I'm a 'once every year or so' diver). Since my boyfriend doesn't dive, I'm hoping someone else might be looking for a dive buddy during the same time...?

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    Hi Espresso 34,

    I am getting out to CTI on the 26th and returning to the UK on the 12th. Planning to dive a number of days during that period an my wife doesn't dive so I be be tagging on with someone if you're free. I am running through the qualifications at the moment and hope to get the advance course in as well before coming out. Hope to see you on the bost for at least a few dives.

    Regards Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    That sounds great! I'm going to do a refresher course either at home before I leave or at the resort... Can't quite decide yet -- the course here costs 2-3x, but the course at the resort takes a day away from diving in Jamaica!

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    Are interested in the night dive? They need minimum 4 people...

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    Hi Espresso 34

    We will have to see how things go, I might well be interested but I had a bit of an issue this weekend of the open water course. I had to drop out during dive 2 with an issue due to my mask flooding uncontrollably. I am back in the pool this coming Wednesday night and will then try again the weekend after next to try and complete dive 2. Not sure yet if I will get through 3 and 4 as well as the water temperature is way to low, 4 degress and numbing. If I complete dive 2 I will be qualifiied to SCUBA diver and can dive with an instructor, not sure yet what Couples policy will be for me but if I run a try dive and everything is OK I may then complete open water 3 & 4 whilst out there in the warmth. Fingers crossed Wednesday goes OK and I can crack on with qualifying.

    Will keep you posted.

    If you are feeling brave there is a photo of me on one of the other links for February or March so at least you know who to look out for. Little bit fatter and a little bit greyer now but it is a reasonable likeness.

    Take care and roll on 26 days and getting on that flight.

    Regards Dave

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    We will be there from the 9-16th, I also have a Dave that just did the refresher course and will be looking to getting those dive times in. I myself dont dive so he too will need a partner. Look forward to meeting you all.

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    We are staying at CTI March 6-13 and hope to try diving for the first time. Is there anything we need to know (or bring) for the resort certification there and/or the one dive that is included? Is all equipment included? I (Bob) have been talking about trying out the dive experience for years, and we both agree if we don't try it now, we never will. I just hope no one notices that I'm an ex-Army guy doing a Navy task...LOL

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    Hi all,

    We just got the confirmation, we're definitely at CTI March 8 - 14

    Looking forward to meeting people and I'll definitely be on the lookout for a dive buddy

    daveandchell: Dave, what's your situation now for diving next week?

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    espresso34 we will be there for sure from the 9-16 and my other half Dave also is ready to get diving after all this time waiting and he will need a partner as I dont dive (yet). We bought a dive case for the camera and I cant wait to see the pics that come from down under. So excited to be able to just get away and enjoy some much need relaxation and meet new people. Ahhh the next 5 days will tick so slow, heres to hoping the week there doesnt go by fast.

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