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    Default Weather in December

    We are looking to book our 4th trip to Couples. We have been to Couple Negril and Tower Isle. We always go in December typically the around the 9th or 10th for 7 days. 2 years ago we went to CTI and the weather was ok- windy and pretty cloudy. I read on here that the week we were in Negril this year (it was decent in Negril) it rained the whole week at CTI. For those people who go to CTI or CSS in December what has your experience been with the weather. We do love couples and weather would not ruin our trip by any means...but would like to get some input.

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    We went in Dec 2005, had great weather. Went in Dec 2010 rained most every day and was cool. Who knows? I think this past year was very unusual from what I was told.

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    We were at CTI and Sans Souci 21 to 31 December and the weather was not great. At least half the days were totally overcast and cloudy with showers.
    We then transferred to CN and it was sunny every day 31 December to 7 January. We spoke to other couples who had been at Negril since 21 December and they said it was sunny every day there.
    I enjoyed Sans Souci - would I return? not sure as the weather did make a difference to that part of the trip. I wouldn't say it spolit it but I did feel we had spent a lot of money to see clouds and rain. I was much happier when we finally saw sun in Negil. If I had only been in Jamaica for 10 days rather than 18 I would have been totally disappointed.

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