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    I am getting married in Jamaica, but not at Couples. My fiance and I are staying at CTI and my parents are staying at CSS.

    I am planning on getting my hair and make-up done at CTI before the wedding. Will they let my mom get hers done there as well even though she's not staying at the hotel? I really want to be able to do it with her instead of by myself.

    I know that I will have to purchase a half-day pass for her but will I also have to pay for someone to drive her to our hotel? Or is there some type of shuttle that could bring her over?

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    maybe your mom can sign up for the free couples day pass i belive there are a limited number of spots avail each day ...

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    Yes do have your Mom sign up for Couples Romance Rewards so she can take advantage of the trading places free day pass. There should be no problem having your salon appointments together at CTI your Mom may just have to take a cab to CTI to be there at the time you want but that's only like $16 which I would do anyway to not worry about time and go at her leasure.
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    Both of you need to sign up for the Romance Rewards program. That way you can take advantage of the trading places. The only problem might be, if you are getting married on a day that it isn't offered. I believe it is offered on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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