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    Default CTI--AN Beach--1st time

    We are going to be at CTI in April and I would very much like to try the AN wife however is more modest. Any suggestions on how to convince her

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    Your wife's reaction is perfectly understandable. Those of us who frequent that magic place had reservations too. I would suggest that the two of you go over on the first boat. Around 9:00am Go to the right side of the island which is usually the quiet side. Get naked and settle in to your lounger. Most of the time, just being out there suddenly feels right. And you will wonder why you haven't tried this before. To the left of the island is the swim up bar. This is where there is music and people are more social. The worst thing that could happen is that she finds out this is really not for her. Just put on your cloths and leave. I'm betting that once she goes, she will know and you will have a tough time getting her off the island.
    There is a group of us that will be there in April as well. We are known as the April Amigos. Look for the big yellow flag that will be flying. We will be arriving on the 21.
    I promise you, neither one of you will want to leave. It is the most liberating empowering experience you can have.

    I hope to see you both on the island.


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    I had the exact same problem with my husband. To get him to go , he agreed to only go on our last full day at CTI, so he did not have to worry about seeing the nudes we encounter on the island for more then one night. We went off to the right, at the very end. No one ever came near us, so that helped. I did convince him to go in the ocean with me for a short time , and he really enjoyed that ! I did walk around the island, but my husband stayed in his lounger the entire time, except when we went in the ocean. This was for him a step in the right direction. He agreed to try it again earlier on our trips if we go again in the future !

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    Went there for the 1st time 2yrs ago. Ate breakfast and were the 1st ones there. Went to the right side, got a lounger, undress and checked out the "GREAT" ocean view. Sat down for 5 mins. and said to my wife, this isn't for me, I'll meet you at the pool(bar). That's when the fun began!!! People talking to each other, RELAXING in the sun and having your favorite drink in your hand. Wow, what a time. No one cares what you look like. There's nothing like it!!!! Go and enjoy.

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