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    Default March 28th - April 4th 2011

    We are from Nova Scotia just looking to meet people going to be down there the same time as us. We are getting married on the 31st of march and spending march 28th - April 4th at the resort. Anyone have any suggestions to do before we go for off site activies or onsite that we have to book right away. Or any suggestions?

    Jon & Cynthia

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    Jon and Cynthia:
    We'll be there for the first time around the same time as you guys...sorry, but no advice except not to overbook yourselves. We did that last year in Hawaii, and are going to do more taking it easy now. I've read the Cat Cruise is great and you can book it when you get there with no problem. Congrats to both of you! Hope to see you there, Tim and Tam from Chicago.

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    Default Relax and do what comes natural

    Kelly and I will be there for our 4 th year in a row March 25 to April 1. We are big time tropical beach people but like to do certain excersions also. My suggestions for the first time-

    Sunset bar
    Cat cruise for sure! Starts slow but when the punch kicks in....
    Couples massage
    AN beach!! Get there right away before you meet too many people and lose your nerve. It is a great thing for a couple to share in that warm sun and tropical breeze

    Skip the market shopping, you can do plenty of that walking that awesome beach!

    As far as off site stuff we have never done any and to tell you the truth other than the trading places program for repeaters the majority of folks hang out at the resort. It is the best in the world. Once you go youll know!! The second year we went we did nothing but lay on the beach and the cat cruise, couples massage and we didnt miss a thing. Hope to meet you all,

    Leo and Kelly
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    Default Maritimes Couple

    Good to hear some fellow Maritimers going to CSS March 28 - Apr 04 here will look forward to meeting you all.

    Maritimers sure know how to party so come on guys !

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