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    Default CSA, July 12-19, 2011

    Hello! We will be on our honeymoon from July 12th-19th. It's our first time to CSA...does anyone have a trip planned at that time?

    We booked the Beachfront Verandah Suite...hoping we made a good decision on the rooms. (Fiance wants a t.v.)

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    Congratulations on your wedding and honeymoon. My husband and I will be at CSA July 13 through July 23 celebrating our 35th anniversary. This will be our third trip to CSA. Hope to see you there.

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    There is a meetup thread on the message board so you might try there also for meeting folks.

    As far as your choice of room, we had a BFVS in October and that's our choice for the next trip for sure. I think we watched TV for about an hour one night...some football as I it isn't about the TV. The verandah being right on the beach is to die for! You're gonna love it.

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    We have booked our first trip to CSA also from July 10th to 14th, it's our 20th anniversary on the 13th, see ya there!

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    We will be celebrating our honeymoon July 14th-21st, we should meet up!

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    Sounds great! We're Erin and Jason from Indiana...most likely Jason will know half the people at CSA after the first day! After looking at the pictures, I'm guessing we'll be spending most of our time on the beach/at the beach bar! Can't wait! Congrats to those celebrating their anniversary and honeymoon as well!

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