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    Default Arriving early at CTI

    My wife and I are spending our 15th wedding annerversary at CTI but our plane lands at 7:00 AM and we will be to CTI well before check in. Can we pre book spa services and spend the time prior to check in at the spa, then after our treatments go through the check in procedure.

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    You can't book spa stuff until after you arrive, but you can always head over to the spa when you get there and see what they can do. Be aware that all spa charges are charged to your room as the resort is cashless. So you might not be able to do any spa treatments until you have been assigned a room, but all of the other wonderful things at CTI will be available to you.
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    You have to check in first. You may or may not be taken to your room. Depends on if it's available, but you will have a room number. From there you can go over to the spa and see if they have anything available. At the least you can use the steam rooms, hot tubs and Buddah pool and just enjoy the ambiance of the spa. Oh and the smoothie bar. They have separate changing rooms for men and women and the hot tubs and steam rooms are separate during the day. However, you could just change and head to the beach or the pool or the pool grill. Patio doesn't open for lunch until around noon, but the veggie bar and pool grill will be open and the bars open at 10. Oh once you have your room number you can go to guest services and book anything that needs reservations.

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