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    I will be staying at Couples Swept Away in Negril. I saw there was a Hard Rock in OCHO RIOS. Has anyone ever traveled there from Swept Away? Also I saw a couple had posted on Trip Advisor that they used a company called Errol Flynn Tours to transfer them from the airport to swept away. I emailed him and he said he would do the transfer to Hard Rock but I cant find any other information on this company. Can anyone help?

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    Ochie is over 3 hours away from CSA. It would be a long way to go for a Hard Rock! For me... 6-7 hours travel round trip on Norman Manley Highway for a Hard Rock Cafe... nope!
    Have a great time if you go though! It would be a nice opportunity to see more of the island.

    (edit: deleted names of two specific transport providers since I read Randmon's post in another thread with a reminder not to name specific outside providers... glad I saw that! Thanks for the polite reminder in the other thread Randymon!)
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    Do an on-line search...

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