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    My husband and I are heading to CSS in April. Reading the Couples website, there seems to be endless possibilities of activities!!! My husband and I love to relax by the ocean while sipping refreshing cocktails, but also enjoy fun excursions. With that, I have some questions...

    1. I noticed on the list of activities, water-skiing is a possibility. Is this true, and where does it happen?

    2. What is the glass-bottom boat excursion?

    Already counting down the days!!!

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    At CSS you can water ski from the morning to early afternoon. Just check with the water sports guys and they will hook you up. All included at no extra cost. It is handled out of the water sports hut on the beach. The glass bottom boat goes out twice a day, and brings you out to the reefs and a sunken ship wreck. You usually see some nice fish. Again all included.
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    Water skiing is an option and it is done outside of the swim area in the ocean. The glass bottom boat ride is a boat that has an area that is glass on the bottom and you can watch the sea life down below you as you move along. This is a great activity for those who do not like to snorkel but still want to see the fish.
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