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    This is a great mb. We are going to CTI next Jan. to celebrate 2-50th birthdays and 1-60th birthday. After reading some of the posts I can hardly wait to get there. Can't believe I am anxious for the seasons to change quickly. We live in Northern Alberta, Canada so we are usually very eager for winter to be over. Now I can barely wait for it to come around again.
    Can someone tell me if the Dunn's River excursion also includes Dolphin Cove. I so want to swim with the dolphins.

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    The Dunns River Falls excursion included w/couples doesn't include Dolphin Cove. I'm sure they offer it as an additional charge excursion. Entry to Dlophin Cove is $45 and the price goes up with what you want to do (encounter, swim, trainer for a day etc.) If you contact them through their website they are pretty prompt in replying. Don't quote me on the prices, as those are the quotes I got when we booked our trip last spring! They may have gone up by now!

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    No, they are two separate excursions. Dunn's River Falls is a free excursion & free bus ride to there if your staying at CSS, Im not sure about the other resorts.

    We did Dolphin Cove and Dunn's River Falls during our honeymoon in December '10, and it was the amazing! We bought the top package and we got a 20 min encounter swim with 2 dolphins by ourselves. It was well worth the money for possibly a once in a lifetime experience. Also included in our package was the mini-boats, sting-ray encounter swim/touch, and a couple other things they offer.

    If you have any other questions, let me know. Hope you have fun!

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