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    Hi, I am new here to the message board and to Couples. Traveling Feb 19th!! We booked our trip through a travel discount site and I am curious if we will find out a week before travel to which resort we will be staying at. Should I call Couples? We are VERY VERY excited, this is a celebration trip for my hubbys return from deployment. I pray this is an amazing trip for us. Enjoy reading the message boards, gives lots of answers to many of my questions.

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    I called couples one week out and they told us CSS. Enjoy wherever you end up

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    I found this link on another SR thread. Has anyone tried this link: to see how accurate it is? It says we are going to CTI 3/24-3/29, but I am not sure if it is subject to change. You have to have your reservation number and then select each resort until it pops up with your reservation. We selected the SR trip, but since then we have found out that some of our friends would like to join us and just want to make sure they get the same place.

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    Welcome, jlkenny! As softail said, you should be able to contact Couples a week before you fly out to find out exactly where you are booked. Also, if you can't wait that long, you can type "secret rendezvous" into the search engine of the message board. I can't remember exactly who posted it, but there was a method to find out early where you will be booked. You will have a relaxing, wonderful time at any of the resorts though, so don't worry.
    Also, tell your husband thank you for his service. As a vet, I understand the sacrifices that both he and you make constantly for me.

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    We just booked our first trip! March 23-28 Hope we end up in Negril but we'll be happy either way!!! WooHOooo!!!

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    When we did the SR & booked through an outside place, I ended up just calling the #1-800-COUPLES & asking what resort we were booked at because I hadn't heard 1 week before travel ... They may have sent me something later in the day or the next day if I'd waited some more but I was excited & wanted to know.

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    New to Couples and new to this board. We just booked a rendezvous for March 25 to April 1. Pretty excited about it. I just put a deposit down on the trip won't pay in full until Feb 9 or so. I'm assume the link above won't work for me until paid in full. Any else with just a deposit tried yet with any success?

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    We only have a deposit and it showed us CTI, but we have friends that booked the same time and they are still showing up as SR, so it is worth a shot. Try and let me know what pops up for you. You will have to select each resort with your confirmation number. Good Luck!

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    we just returned from a SR...the booking email was cc'd to sans souci, the credit card was billed to sans souci...the reservation link never worked. 7 days prior we called to find out we got CTI.

    Actually it was 6 days before...we didn't get an email 7 days out so I called...I wouldn't make any plans/assumptions, etc until 7 days out. We booked about 20 days prior to the trip and it was different 7 days prior.

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