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    Default CTI Newbie Questions

    Hello, my wife and I are going to CTI in April and this is our first time at Couples. We are very excited about going and have a few questions.

    1.) What nights and what kind of food can we expect at the Gala buffett and the beach party?

    2.) I like my Red Stripe with a lime in it. Is it fine to get it that way?

    3.) We also REALLY love a good mojito. Are there bars there to get a good one?


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    Beach party is Monday. I can't remember if the gala is Friday or Saturday. Both have buffets of great food. Lost of choices. Desserts to die for. Red stripe with lime. No problem. Don't drink Mojitos so I don't know about that one. Best bet would probably be the Piano Bar. The rooftop martini bar is awesome.Go and have a great time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickyj View Post
    The rooftop martini bar is awesome.Go and have a great time.
    What rooftop martini bar? Is that the night of the Gala, Beach buffet, or every night? I think we missed that one on our trip. More info please?


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