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    Default CN Review Jan16-22 vs. CSA & CSS

    We just spent a lovely 5 nights at Couples Negril. This was our first trip to CN after spending 5 previous stays at Couples Swept Away and a few days at Couples Sans Souci. Here are our thoughts on the Couples properties we've visited thus far:

    Couples Negril - Jan 16-22, 2011
    Our first visit here was a success! Loved how compact the resort was which really lends a nice social atmosphere at night especially. The pool was great, food good, rooms good except the balconies were small with just 2 small chairs. The beach was very nice although it was dissapointing to have the sunset over the land instead of the water. still very pretty and the water was very calm and warm!

    All the staff members we encountered were friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them. My husband is a music writer and is really into Reggae so he had some great conversations about music with the bartenders and entertainment folks (especially Nelly). We felt very welcome and relaxed at this resort.

    Couples Sans Souci - Dec 2009
    We visited before Christmas last year and had expected to spend 7 nights here. Unfortunately we only made it 2 nights before transferring to CSA (staff was very accomodating with the switch btw). Very pretty resort but after so many visits to CSA we found that we did not like how quiet this resort was, the staff seemed more subdued, the beach was small and private and the water not clear and calm. We tried to check out the nude beach for sunset (when clothed people are allowed) but did not feel very welcome. That beach was so much better than the main beach though that I wish I would have had the nerve to try it during the day! Also the heat and humidity were much more noticeable than the Negril side of the island and we didn't get the cooling breezes we remembered in Negril. Positives - The resort grounds are amazing and beautiful. The ride from Montego Bay takes you through some interesting terrain and towns. It was nice to see another side of the island. The food was very good and having room service availble was a nice option.

    Couples Swept Away - December trips in 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

    After trying a few other Couples resorts now, I can tell you that CSA will be our home from now on for the following reasons:

    Vibe of the resort - It's got the right combination of privacy if you want it and a life about it that we didn't find at CSS (CN has this same "alive" kind of feel). Part of this I think is due to being on the public beach and being able to walk off property as well as the vendors and musicians strolling by. We are not super social people but do enjoy meeting folks at the repeaters dinner and talking with the staff. We find the staff here to be very outgoing and friendly and now that we've been back a few times we have some regulars we enjoy catching up with.

    Rooms and balconies - We really do spend a lot of time out on those balconies and we love the Atrium rooms the best. Having a ceiling fan, hammock and built in couch to sprawl out on are heavenly after sunset and before dinner, when we want an afternoon break from the beach and sun, or to give your significant other privacy when one of you is sleeping late. We also like the bungalow look of the rooms and having only 4 rooms to a building in the Atrium class just feels nore like what a Caribbean resort should be for us (versus a high rise hotel).

    Beach - Love the way the trees border the beach here and then the rooms start. It's got a perfect combination of vegetation and white sand plus the calm blue water. We generally get chairs in the sun but back from the water a bit so we can choose more easily whether to engage with the beach vendors or not. Also enjoy being able to walk off property and shop at some of the local stores. Allows us to get a good balance of resort pampering and some grittier real Jamaican experiences. And don't forget the sunsets. Gorgeous melt into the water type of sunsets. Right after sunset is my favorite time of the day. The color of the air, the lights coming on around the resort, tree frogs starting up. Heavenly.

    Grounds - We love the tropical lushness of the grounds as a contrast to the beautiful white sand beach and turquoise water. The whole resort is such a pleasure to meander through and we always find it striking how few people you'll see around the resort grounds even when the resort is full. It's a big property but we've always found it lovely and never a bother to walk a bit farther to the restaraunts at either end.

    Food - Lots of options here and it's nice to have the ala carte breakfast at patois. Grilled snapper and the sweet potato chips are the perennial favorites at Seagrapes. Feathers, Patois, Lemongrass, Seagrapes, Beach grill, and the Palms have never dissapointed us. Both ala carte and the buffets are very good. It's so nice to dress up and have a dinner date with your honey every night of your vacation and all the restaurants are conducive to that romance we all come here to experience.

    So for us, CSA is our favorite with CN a close second and we would highly recommend them both. CSS was a great resort, just not for us for the reasons stated above. I'm still intrigued by Tower Isle and it's history so we may eventually try that resort too. I'm a very happy Couples customer and can't wait to make my reservations for next year.

    Jo and David
    Ann Arbor, MI

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    Great comparison. We have stayed at CN twice and will return in November, but I keep wondering if we want to try another one, which one would it be and I think that is CSA. Love the way you compared them though. Thanks

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    I'm glad you posted this. We are going back to CSA this March for our 3rd trip, and I told my fiance' that maybe we should try CSS next time because everyone talks about how romantic it is, but we LOVE CSA so much! I'm so afriad to waste the time and $$$. We have been to CN on a day pass, and we're not even big fans of CN. Although CN is a nice property, we just don't like that "hotel" feeling. We are also Atrium Suite lovers. The beach is a really big deal for us too so CN was fine in that regard, but I'm afraid CSS's beach will not compare to CSA, and neither of us are AN bathers. :O( So, I think after reading your posts, we may just continue to go to CSA! Why fix what is already perfect, right? :O)


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    Great review and synopsis. We love CSA too and you described it so perfectly. I felt like I was back there. Thanks for giving me those memories for the moment.

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    O-M-G Fitzroyfan -

    Were you in my suitcase the many times we've returned from CSA?? We're thinking of a quickie Couples trip in between our CSA vacations, but seeing your review, now I think maybe it's best to try a quickie to AZ or FL rather than risk not having our lovely CSA experience.

    Glad to hear you've loved your time there! It's the BEST!!

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    Default Are there TVs in the Atrium suites?

    We had a nice flat screen in Garden Verandah, but totally disliked the room. Faced the road and could not sleep. If we return, maybe we would try the Atrium. Advice?

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    No TV's in the Atrium Suites.

    Great comparison of CN vs CSA. After 6 trips to CSA we went to CN twice but now know that CSA is our favorite. We have also been to CSS but much prefer Negril overall.

    In addition to more (and better IMO) food options, we love the large terraces. There were so many mosquitos last year at CN we were not even able to enjoy our morning coffee outside, a problem we never had at CSA.

    Nightlife is more fun and diverse, spa and fitness center both superior to CN and we use them both.

    We are off to CSA in 111 days and so looking forward to this return visit.

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    Loved the review! My husband & I were just saying how our next trip to Couples will b the Negril side to CSA. I have never been to Couples. We r going to CTI 09/2011. We r returning in 2 years to the Negril side and decided on CSA. I have never really gotten a warm & fuzzy feeling about CN even though I have never been to Couples. You know how u can just read something and look at the pictures and know it's for u. That's what happened on the Ocho Rios side the reason we picked CTI and that's what has happened on the Negril side the reason we decided on CSA. You lovely comparison just hit the homerun for us.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    I'm really glad you wrote this review, we are traveling to CSA in April and I wasnt sure if I made the right choice in resorts, but after reading this I'm glad I picked CSA. Thanks

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