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    Default Negril and vendors

    Hello everyone! I am getting married at Couples Negril in July 2011

    I wanted to know if I would have the opportunity to purchase things from vendors. I would like to purchase something from jamaica for the favors at the tables the night of our reception. I will be purchasing 24 of them. I was thinking mini drums or another kind instrument. Will have access to the kind of stuff. We get there on saturday and our wedding is wednesday night. Thank for your help. Also wanted to know if things are expensive for us?

    Thanks sharlie

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    On Mondays the resort allows vendors onto the property and they have mostly handmade items, but I'm not sure if they would have 24 of the same item. If you are a little more flexible in having different items I'm sure you could find something. Or perhaps the vendor could get more items for you and bring them to the resort for you on a different day.

    There is also the craft market across the street

    As a gift idea, there is a guy who paints coconut shells that have been cut into the shape of flowers and hearts. He will paint your name on the shell and it has a magnet on the back so it can be used on the fridge. He is really talented. I love mine on my fridge, it reminds me of our home away from home each time I go to the fridge.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Vendors do come on the resort and sell items every few days. Mainly painting and wooden items. You could also do the shopping trip into town that the resort does. Someone from the resort would surely help you find something.

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    oh my gosh thanks so much for your quick response I really appreciate it! They def don't have to be all the same thing, just some thoughtful to put on the table as a favor the night of our wedding. I really wanted mine jamaican instruments but I realize that might be impossible to find. THanks again

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    Default Negril Craft Market in Town

    The Negril Craft Market is easy to cab down to town. Right Side of the Road before the Bridge and roundabout. Lots of Shops that need the trade and are willing to barter with prices. Small baskets can be filled with stuff. Don't buy Turtleshell products, Hardwood carvings are cool. Six to Ten bucks via taxi each way max. Grocery store in center of town is kind of cool to poke around in. Busha Brown's Jerk season is a lasting treat in a solid little jar to fit in return luggage and last for ages, about 4 bucks each. Explore that Spice Condiment angle. Unpackaged things won't get into the US.

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