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Thread: Grassy spaces?

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    Default Grassy spaces?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know whether any of the resorts have grassy areas that would be big enough to throw a frisbee or even have a pickup game if there were enough interested people? Something around the size of a kids soccer field (ie maybe 1/4 - 1/3 size of regular soccer field), or bigger. And I suppose throwing on the beach or in the water would be another option


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    CN has a football (soccer) field on the employee/management residence area across the road, though I'm not sure guest are allowed to use it.

    There are fairly large areas on the beach devoid of trees where they have held cricket or soccer/football matches in the past.

    We've seen people throwing Frisbees on the beach and in the water. Please be respectful of other guests' space though.

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    I don't think CSA has that much open space anywhere, that I can recall. Most of it is foliage, and the fitness side is racquet courts and pool.
    CTI does have a nice manicured lawn behind the buildings. It isn't huge, but probably large enough to throw a frisbee. I never saw anyone using that space.
    I don't know about CN, as we haven't been.
    CSS is probably your best bet. There's quite a large grassy area where they hold the gala between building B and the beach. There's also a large grassy area out behind the pond that I doubt gets used much at all.

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    At CSS there is a huge green space right in the middle of the resort. It is where they hold their Friday night Gala. Look at pictures of CSS and you will find one that shows you how big the area is.
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    CSS does for sure. They have a soccer field at one end of the resort.

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    CSS has a sizeable grassy area in the center of the resort that may work for that. Check out the panoramic view of CSS and the other resorts and you can see the grass areas. On the beach or in the water would be an option at CN or CSA, but it might be hard to find enough space on the beach where there aren't people lounging.

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    CTI has a lawn at the back of the hotel near the spa and CSS has a lawn behind the beach.

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    At CSA & CN, the beach & water would be your only options. At CSS though, there is a very large lawn area in front of A & B blocks. That's where they set up for the Starlight Gala party on Fridays. No clue on CTI since we've never been there but I'm sure someone else will post on it.

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    There is a soccer field at CSS. Otherwise the beaches at both CN and CSA would be large enough.
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    I have only been to CN, and there is a grassy area that is not very large, but then again it is the smallest of the resorts. Can't speak for the the others.

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    At CSS there is a huge main yard in fron of the beachfront suites. Plenty of room for throwing it around.
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    Default frisbie

    Sans Souci has a soccer field near the A/N beach. I think it is part of the resort. Good luck!

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    All Couples resorts have lawn areas. CSS has the largest and most number of lawn areas.
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    There is a grassy field across the street at CSA near the fitness center. We watched some staff soccer games there

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    Wow! Thanks everyone for so many quick replies

    We'll see where we end up for our SR... and then maybe we can convince some people to join us for a game

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    Plenty of space at CSS. Hubby and 2 friends had a nice round of frisbee on the soccer field by the AN beach. Word of advice, be careful of the cocktails. They make you do tricks you might not otherwise do which could lead to some strange injuries. Show-Offs!

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    SweptAway also has a nice grassy area near the wedding gazebo....

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