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Thread: Blowdryer?

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    Default Blowdryer?

    We are stayin in the Atrium room at CSA. How is the blowdryer should I pack my own or does the one in the work well?

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    Yes, bring your own. The ONLY complaint I had was about the hairdryer. The cord is really short, it is one of the small attached to the wall kind The bathroom can stay a little humid of course, so its nice to be able to be mobile with your own dryer

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    It depends on your hair. It was fine for my thin hair and dried it well. I hate packing blow dryers so I was happy to use the one in the room.

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    I would say it depends on what kind of hair you have. I have very thick hair that is hard to dry, plus I style as I dry, so the dryers didn't work so well for me. I just bring my own now and I am assured better results.

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    My wife used the one at the resort and had no issues..

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    Hello, I would definetly bring your own hair dryer. I have thin hair with natural curl. I have to use a diffuser so I bring my own. The one at the hotel is small.
    One Love,

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    Thanks a lot for all the responses!! Will a normal plug work or do I need adapter?

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    You won't need an adapter. However, I recommend that you bring a power strip or an extension cord with more than one outlet at the end. I haven't been to CSA, but the outlet situation at CN is not terribly convenient.

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    Normal plug will work- no adapter necessary. I would recommend packing your own dryer as well.

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    No adapters needed

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    No adapter needed. Have a great trip!

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