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    Default 5th Time CSA 1/22 TO 1/29-Reflections

    Just returned from our 5th stay at Couples Swept Away. Just a few observations:

    Previously stayed in October twice, November and in May. By far the weather this trip was the best. Sunny and warm with cool breezes. It was perfect weather. The water was cooler and rougher but not enough so you couldn't go in. But we did not stay in for hours like we did when it was warmer.

    The service was a step up from in the past and that is saying something because I always thought the service was fabulous but this time there was not a misstep anywhere. We always had clean washclothes and towels, water and drinks never went dry. Restaurant service was always attentive and not as slow as it could be at times in the past.

    The entire staff went out of there way to be friendly and everyone asked how our stay was. This one thing that has not changed.

    The resort was fuller than we have ever seen it. But we were always able to get reservations for dinners, Cat cruise and snorkeling and massages.

    We did notice more people were saving chairs. I would say about 60 to 70 percent of the chairs were saved by 8am. By 10 about 50 percent of those were occupied. Much bigger difference than in the past, but there did seem to be more groups. There never was a problem finding chairs, however we were happy in the sun so we just moved chairs to where we wanted to be.

    We planned a day to play golf at a course in Montego Bay and then do a tour of Rose Hall Great House. We waited until we got to the resort to make arrangments. We went to the tour desk for prices for a driver but made out much better arranging private transportation on our own (saved about $50).

    The one thing that has not changed is the fabulous people we meet when at the resort. Chatting with everyone and making new friends is one of the best parts of the trip.

    And one new thing we found at the beach bar were snowcones. These were served with traditional syrup and rum. OMG-I loved this new addition.

    Couples never fails to please. It is truly paradise staying at Couples. Great food, wonderful accomadations, the very talented Ultimate Chocolate, a fabulous beach, a staff that is the best I have ever seen anywhere and many new wonderful friends. It really does not get any better than this.

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    Hi cathy-joe;

    I have to agree! We were there the week before you and were so impressed with everything! CSA is definately on their "A Game" this year. Our room was exactly as requested, top floor new side, our resort credits were waiting when we arrived as were our repeaters gifts. They didn't mess up one thing the entire week. Even Ulti was in great form! Cannot wait to go back!


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    Thank you for posting your review. We will be there in 27 more sleeps...our first time to CSA, but it sounds exactly as wonderful as we think it will be. Glad you had a great trip.

    CN 2/2010

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    Thanks for the update! Can't wait to be back home!!! 03/18/11!!! :O)

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    Joe & Cathy,

    I couldn't agree more with your review. As we were at Swept Away during the same time. It was great to met you and spend time talking on the beach! Paradise was last week and I am so ready to return. I hope we meet up again in Paradise.
    Rick & Mary

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    Cathy and Joe - how the heck are you? It was so great to meet you. The weather turned a little nasty after you left. It clouded up every afternoon at 1:00, and then would rain in the afternoon. Good thing that we got our sun when you were there! Judy and Bob

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    Hi Cathy & Joe, We really enjoyed meeting you & hope that Joe enjoyed his 50th Bday!!! Loved your review & we couldn't agree with you more! There's a GREAT group of people that vacation in January & we always enjoy seeing Bob & Judy & so many other friends that we've come to know over the years! The staff was fabulous & the food was the best I can ever remember! They did things right, once again! Hope to see you all next year, same time & place! So until then,I'll be "lurking" on the MB as I always do! Stay well! Cindy & Todge

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