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    Default celebrating V-Day, 40th B-day, 10th Ann.

    We are from LI/NY & will be at CN for the first time from 2/13/11-2/20/11. It was a surprise for my husbands 40th and the same week is V-day also combining our 10th anniversay Can't wait to be there and leave the 3' of snow behind for sun,sand,suds and just overall relaxing. After reading this message board for 3 months I look forward to our stay as the repeaters refer to CN AS "HOME". This message board is a great tool and I have been addicted to reading threads that pertain to CN. Looking forward to posting an awesome review when we return. Booked a private dinner in the TREEHOUSE for V-day. a massage on the beach for his 40th, planning to walk down the beach for lobster to "THE SHACK" and have sunset drinks at Rockhouse. Thanks to all for posting your threads about CN so us first timers know the deal. Oh yeah looking forward to the cat cruise. Two weeks from right this minute we will sitting on white sand not white snow sipping a cold "RED STRIPE" YAMON

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    My hubby and I (along with friends) will be there the same time you are. It will be our 3rd time "going home". You will fall in love with CN.
    When you say "the shack" do you mean The Office of Nature? I've also not been to, or heard of, the Rockhouse.

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    Have a great time - as 4 time repeater to CN and a 2 time repeater to Rockhouse - you will enjoy your trip more that you can imagine!

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    To Maryinco Looking forward to seeing you in Negril. Yes I do mean the "Office of Nature". And Rockhouse is another Hotel and restaurant that a friend told me about and I then researched it at

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