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    Default AN beach at CN discreet?

    Is the AN beach at CN discreet? Is that the only location on the property where there is any nudity, including topless? We have stayed at CSA where there is no AN beach and wondered if nudity would be more prevalent at CN because they have an AN beach. I am assuming that the AN beach is very discreet and that this is not an issue. I would appreciate hearing from those who have stayed at CN. It looks like a great resort!

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    Topless is common pretty much anywhere on Bloody Bay Beach and mostly along the rest of "7 Mile Beach". Nudity is a differnet matter though.
    The nude beach is the one area where nudity is allowed.

    As for how discreet it is, well there is foot traffic along the waterline that sometimes includes families staying the "R" resorts further up the beach. The nude area is deep enough though that you can find a place further back from the waterline if you prefer.

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    We stayed at CN twice before we knew there was an au natural section. We never saw anyone nude less you go looking for it or you just happened upon it. The nude sunbathing area is well hidden in my opinon. If you know where it is, and it would offend you, then you could avoid that area without loosing any ambiance of the resort.

    As for topless you could see that. Possibly at CN or resort next door and although rare someone could walk topless down the public beach.

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    Only topless is allowed on the main beach... at the AN side though it's completely nude. Down by the water, there will be people walking by to/from resorts on both the main beach and the AN beach. Most do look, but they have to stay down by the water's edge.

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    Topless sunbathing is permitted on the main beach at CSA and CN. The rules for the a/n beach require nudity, not partial nudity.

    People on the a/n beach were more brazen on our last visit to CN in September 2010 than they were in our previous 13 trips. Here's the best example I can give: There was a man flying a kite on the main beach. A guy from the a/n beach walked up the beach to ask him about the kite and stood there for quite awhile. It seemed to me that he was more interested in being seen naked on the main beach than actually acquiring info on kite flying, but I could be wrong.
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    The A/N beach at CN is right next to the main beach and they share the same appraoch to the water, so it is not as discreet as the A/N beaches at CTI or CSS which are entirely separate.

    You cannot be "topless" ( only )
    on the A/N beach but you can be on the main beach

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    Default Yes AN at CN is very discreet

    Hi cherie,

    Nudity at CN is only permitted at the AN section of the beach and in the water in front of that section. The loungers are divided from the rest of the resort with a large privacy hedge. There may be some toplessness on the rest of the beach but never an issue as that's usually quite discreet as well..

    If its offensive the beach is about 1000 ft long and very deep so you can easily move away. In fact its never been very crowded when we go in August.

    Toplessness is not permitted at the pools.

    At CN the AN is so discreet unless you go looking you may never know its there. Again when we go in August it seems there are only a few couples at the AN section.

    No worries about getting a view if you dont want to, only piece of advice is avoid buildings 6 and 9, especially 9.. from the level 2 and 3 balconies you might get a glimpse of the AN section. From the ground you wouldn't see past the hedge

    have fun,


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    You probably won't even know there is a A/N area at CN if you don't go looking for it .... There are signs & a hedge so you can't just stumble into it by accident. There is no more topless women on the beach at CN than we saw at CSA .... Maybe 2 or 3 on any given day but they are normally just sitting in their chairs & not up walking around where you'd even notice them. It's a non-issue if you want it to be at CN ..... so go & ENJOY!!!

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    From your posting I'm not sure if you mean discreet by you would be there and still want your privacy or you are offended by the sight of nude individuals? That said, CNs AN area is right on the beach at the edge of the resort. There is a hedge between the main beach and the AN area, though anyone walking along the beach can glance, peer, or stare into the AN area. We much perfer the AN area @ Couples Sans Souci. It is large enough to allow for privacy if that is what you are looking for, or an area where people can gather and socialize. Couples Tower Island is very good as well but smaller and you depend on the weather if you are to be allowed on the island. I hope this answered your question.

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    The AN beach area never enters my mind. I even forget it is there!!

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    The AN beach is VERY discreet. I didn't even know it was there our first visit and only found it our subsequent visit because I wanted to visit it. There is topless allowed on the main beach, but it is not in your face. I don't think there is any beach in Jamaica that doesn't allow topless sunbathing. Lots of Europeans visit Jamaica and topless is common practice among them.

    No need to be concerned.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Topless anywhere on the beach. The AN area is relatively discreet in that it is surrounded by a hedge, but the front is open to the beach and people go to the water from there.

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    Topless takes place all along Bloody Bay which CNs beach is part of, and yes women do walk the entire beach topless as well as to and from the water. Toplessness only has about 5% participation but those that do so have no issues and it is accepted comfortably all along Bloody Bay and the beach area where CSA is located. It is not uncommon to see it done ocassionally by those strolling the edge of the water and relaxing in lounge chairs at CN and other resorts along Bloody Bay. RIU has two resorts along Bloody Bay and is frequented by many Europeans who may be topless.

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    The AN beach at CN is pretty discreet, except if you have a room overlooking it.

    Our first trip to Couples was CN and our room was overlooking the AN beach. Didn't bother us one bit since we have visited the AN beach at CSS the last two times there, but I just wonder how comfortable the people on the beach were knowing there were people able to see them from their rooms.

    Not sure if anything has changed since we were there several years ago though.

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    I would agree with everything everyone accept the fact that you won't see it unless you go looking for it. When out in the water on a raft, my fiance' almost freaked out because he could see naked men on the other beach down near the shoreline. He paddled us away so fast! LOL Anyay, you can definitely see it from the water and the nude people get into the water nude so there you go. The nude beach doesn't bother me in the least bit, but he didn't like it. So, that's on him. I think it's a great option for people who want to be nude. I just don't want the OP to think they won't see it because they very well could. If you stay to the one side of the regular beach when in the water, you could avoid seeing it though. So, if you don't want to see it, just be aware of where it is and don't look over there. Like everyone else said, topless you could very likely see. The day we were there on a trading places pass, I was the only topless person I saw though. :O)

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    I love some people's reaction to the possibility of seeing someone naked, or partially so! If this is in the least bit of a concern, why risk the horrifying possibiity of actually seeing a naked person at CN, CSA, CTI or CSS? There are so many carribean resorts with gorgeous weather that strictly forbid topless women and or au naturale sun bathing!

    Welcome all others to "Vacation Mode"! In this wonderful place you are relaxed and flexible having left your preconceived notions and hangups back home! On a sun kissed island in the middle of a deep coral blue sea, there is a chance of sighting a vactioning woman in a revealing swim suit or dress, a topless sunbather, or gasp a naked one! Guys tend to be chill, and have an extra cocktail, make friends with someone they never knew, and even high five a stranger! Ladies trade stories about the kids back home, and discover the common ground they all share...

    This is "Vacation Mode"... and in 4 days we will be in it! Save us a seat at the pool bar!

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