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    Default A 20th Anniversary wake up call to Ginger

    There is really no better place to celebrate a milestone anniversary than Couples Resorts. I am so happy to have made this wake-up call to Ginger (from Cory) in their room at CTI.

    "Happy 20th Anniversary to my best friend and, the love of my life.

    From that moment of our first kiss I knew you were the one for me. I remember those feelings 20 years ago like they were just moments ago, as we stood together in front of family and friends, committing our unconditional love to one another, I’ll never forget how nervous we were, our palms sweating and shaking all over, but most of all the feeling I had inside, that I found to be true love, and I have never lost that feeling from that very day 20 yrs ago, it has only grown to be a stronger more recognizable feeling.
    You have been more than just the almost perfect wife, (you remember some of those dinners you have made, well they got you point deductions from being perfect. Remember that recipe from the Mac & Cheese box, “Super Supper Sizzling Supreme Surprise” that one you’ll never live down)
    You have been one of the greatest mothers a man could ask for his children to have, caring nurturing, and an overwhelming love that only a woman with a heart like yours could share.
    The love you show towards me and I can only hope I show as much in return, is not only awesome, but a life lesson for our kids showing them what marriage is about, loving and caring for one another as you exemplify.
    There are so many things I could say, and so many ways I could compliment you about how wonderful, loving and great you are to me, but nothing could express that feeling of true love I have for you. It’s only by that feeling we have inside for one another that feeling that can only be shared be one another that truly expresses the love we share.
    I thank you for all you have done for me, and with me, I love you with all my heart.
    I can’t wait for the ventures and adventures the next 20 years we share together will bring us.
    As Always
    Love Me."

    Let me know if you want me to read YOUR love letter. Anytime, Any place - as long as my schedule permits. OR craft your own version and send it in a bottle

    Couples Resorts

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    Love is a wonderful thing


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    You are right Randymon, there is no better place to spend milestone celebrations than Couples, we spent our 25th at CN. We fell in love all over again on that trip! I will always have a special place in my heart for CN because of it.

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    Thanks Randy We just got back tonight, and that was so awesome having you read that to her!, She was fighting back the tears while you were talking, she did not want to cry on the phone with you! We had the time of our life, the staff there was top top notch, they care for your every possible need, and become friends, not just staff! I hope they get a chance to she how much people love them on here!
    Thanks again for helping make our 20th special!

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