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    Default We're hurting...

    The pain is soo great..
    All around us, there are things to remind us about the pain, so there's no point in trying to forget.

    A smell, a sight, a sound... And Suddenly we're brought back to COUPLES NEGRIL.. God how I love typing those words...

    While sitting in the cold Northern Europe looking at pictures, our mind drifts away to Jamaica..
    And the hurting gets worse...
    Cause we know there's gonna be a long time till we'll be able to go back..

    One day... One Day we'll be back !

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    Yes, you will. We never thought we would be able to take a trip to Swept Away, but we have been blessed with four visits in the past five years. It is just something we HAVE to do even if we sacrifice throughout the year. I know how you feel though - sometimes I just close my eyes and for an instant I am actually back at Swept Away.

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    Norway..Oh,how I know your pain.
    I hope you return to "our" beloved CN real soon.
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    ditto!!! We just got back last week -- ready to go again! and again!! and again!!

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    I feel your pain. We booked a trip for April 2010 earlier this year to celebrate our 25th anniversary but my husband lost his job so we had to cancel. God knows when we will make it back and I am VERY sad.

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    Cheer up CMoore! Your're right! God does know when you will make it back and it might be sooner than you think! Keep the faith!

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