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    Default CSS beach flag service

    Hi! My soon to be hubby and I will be heading to CSS for our honeymoon July 19-25!!!!! Can't wait to see what CSS has to offer. I have been to CSA and CN but first time to CSS.Hope I enjoy it as much as the others. Always loved the red flag beach service at CN and CSA. Just wondering if CSS has the red flag service as well. Anyone know? Thanks!

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    They had flag service most days when we were there in 2009, but the beach area is so small you never have more than a few steps to the beach bar. There are only 150 rooms at CSS, so even though the beach is small, it never seams crowded.
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    Thanks! Didnt realize there was a bar on the beach.

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    there's really no need for flag service at css. even at the very far ends of the beech you're only about 30 feet from the bars

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    Yes, we were at CSS in Jan. and they had flag service... BLUE flags. I think they have a different coloured flag at each resort. It was green when we were at CSA. It seems the only one without flag service is CTI, since the beach is small enough for them not to need it.

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    They do have it on the main beach but its pretty limited on the AN beach. Either way, since the beaches aren't HUGE its not a far walk. You'll love CSS. Its a very different vibe than the other resorts and the most romantic in my book. Enjoy!

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    Default Flag Service

    My husband and I spent 8 wonderful days in CSS Oct 2010. They had flag service almost everyday.

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    We were there Dec. 2010 and they had the flag service. It was great - we just loved it! Once you put your flag up, the waiter or waitress was there right away to take your order. Never had that on any trip we have been on and have to say it rocks?
    Enjoy your trip to CSS - it was our first Couples experience and we just loved the resort. We are off to CN Dec. 2011.

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    When we were there in March 2010 we didn't even know about the beach flag service. We had read about it on the website prior to arriving, but no one explained it to us upon arrival and we didn't see ANYONE using it. There was someone that would walk around every once in awhile to ask if you wanted anything but it was quicker to just go to the bar yourself since you're never far from it regardless of where you are on the beach.

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    Visited CSS April 2010. Never saw one flag on the beach, other than the one posting the water conditions. I do not believe this service is available there and I was quite bummed when we went to find out that it was not available. Small beach and getting up to fetch drinks burns calories so you can enjoy more food and drink.

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    The flag service was much more obvious at CSA when we were there.
    What we noticed about the flags at CSS is that they came around in the morning and handed them out to everyone. So if you came later in the morning or in the afternoon you likely wouldn't even be aware of them.
    It was sometimes a bit hit and miss with the flag service if they were busy. One guy was reading his book in a chair beside us and would start waving his flag at the bar trying to catch someone's attention. We were sitting very close to the bar. I felt like telling him to get his lazy butt out of the chair and get it himself. The flag service is nice, but seriously, we all need to get up now and then to use the washroom, stretch, go in the water. Does it really kill us to walk 50 feet to the bar? Sorry... that's my rant for today... picturing that guy and his irritated look. I bet he's one of THOSE who write a bad review.

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