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    We are going on our honeymoon is Feb!! We are staying at CSA in the Atrium room. Just wanted to get opinons on how safe your room is and if anyone has ever had a problem with things being taken? We have had friends that have had problems when they traveled not to Jamaica but else where...Thanks for any input!!

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    Always use your room safe for valuables. Just makes sense, no matter what hotel you stay at in any country.
    Have fun!

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    In our experience the rooms are quite secure. We have left cameras, watches and other items out and have never had a problem with anything missing. That said, I would suggest using the room safe for valuables such as cash or jewelry that has value, as well as any other items you feel uncomfortable leaving out while you are out of your room. There have been sporadic reports on the message board about items missing from rooms or the beach, but these are few and far between. I would also suggest not bringing extremely valuable jewelry. I have read of more jewelry items being lost on the beach or the ocean than being stolen. A number of folks have been known to even leave wedding rings at home rather than take the chance of loss or theft. A second word of caution; don't leave cameras on the tables at restaurants, bars or lounges. We have heard occasional reports of these coming up missing when left out during dinner, dancing or entertainment events.

    Use common sense and you and your valuables will be fine. Most of the stories of missing items, what ever the cause, are preventable with a little fore thought.

    Congratulations on your wedding. Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    We have never had anything "taken" from any room at any Couples resort, in many trips over many years.

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    I have brought a ton of camera equipment and left most of it out during the day and it was fine. I have insurance on my cameras and equipment so I wasn't too horribly worried but I still didn't want to use it. I lock up the things that are small enough because it's best to not take that chance but also because I don't want to flaunt the things we have. That just doesn't feel very nice to me. I don't want anyone to feel tempted at all because that isn't a fun feeling.

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    In 8 trips to Jamaica we've never had a problem on or off the resorts CSA, CSS & CN. It was always Irie mon!

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    Keep the room locked...and your valuables in the room safe... will not be a problem.

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    There is a safe in each room to lock up valuables. We always lock up passports, immigration certificates, jewelry, and money. Other than that, you really donít have to worry about much. Keep your room locked when you are out. We have never had anything taken from our room and we never worried about it while we were there. The grounds are very safe.

    Have fun, relax, and enjoy.

    Life is good

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    Common sense should rule here. Couples provides an in-room safe for valuables. I would use this and not leave important papers (passports, etc.) or money lying around. Just think, this protects the employees, too, from being accused.

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    We didn't have a problem at all during our last Couples stay.

    Anytime we travel anywhere, I always put any valuables/electronics in our room safe at all times, including IPODs/ITouch, camera, jewelry, money, passport, etc. then you don't have to worry at all. Sometimes people "misplace" an item and then think possibly that it's been taken- if you keep absolutely everything of value in the safe when you are not using it, then it's never an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMK View Post
    We are going on our honeymoon is Feb!! We are staying at CSA in the Atrium room. Just wanted to get opinons on how safe your room is and if anyone has ever had a problem with things being taken? We have had friends that have had problems when they traveled not to Jamaica but else where...Thanks for any input!!
    5 trips - never one problem for us. Rest easy, and have a nice trip.

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    We've been to Jamaica 6 times and Couples 5 times. We have never had an incident and we have unintentionally left jewelry, cash, computers, and cameras laying about the room.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We've been to 3 of the 4 Couples resorts and have never had anything stolen. Of course we're not going to leave money, jewelry or cameras laying around in our room, but we've never even questioned the safety of the rest of our stuff when we're away from the room. You'll find the staff to be very honest and caring so don't worry!

    Bart & Bug

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    We felt very safe. Our first day put all of our money,cerdit cards, and pass ports in the safe and locked it..... well when we returned to our room that had been turned down for the night we found our safe was open ( our fault didn't close safe correcty). My heart dropped as I wondered how much was taken. NOTHING WAS TAKEN!!!! I dont think anyone even looked in the safe.

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    The room has a safe in the closet to secure valuables. We just got back from our stay in an Atrium can lock the patio door and the main door is secured with key card. The staff is amazing and I cannot imagine that you would have any issues....

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    We were at CSA in October and left things sitting out in our room all the time and never had anything taken. For instance, my camera bag was always out and open at times with a camera or two and lenses in plain sight, the laptop was always on the counter charging or just sitting there. Our suitcases never showed any sign of having been rummaged through. Housekeeping was in the room and so was turn down staff with stuff sitting out and we never had anything messed with or taken. I understand your concern but comparing Jamaica to "else where" is like comparing a resort in Florida to a resort in Mexico...just randomly picking destinations to say you can't compare places. You can find a bad apple any place but on the whole I would say CSA is safe and so are your belongings. We did put out cell phones, wallets, travel documents, passports, etc in the safe but that just seems common sense. Otherwise just go and enjoy and no need to worry about your stuff.

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    Keep your valuables in your safe and your room locked (including the patio doors) just like you would anywhere else. No worries, mon

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    My husband's laptop didn't fit in the safe three years running (he has an old model). The first year, they were nice enough to put it in the manager's office. The second year, we just backed it up and left it, no worries. Last year, it sat on our balcony plugged in for a week. I'm not necessarily suggesting that, and I've heard that some people have had things taken, but if you use a modicum of common sense, I think you'll be fine.

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    We have never had an issue either!!! :O) No worries mon! Use your safe for valuables, and you're good to go!

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    We and our friends did not have a problem while at CN. We also used the room safe. One day we could not get into it but the staff got us taken care of in a few minutes.

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    Thanks everyone!!

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