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Thread: No more !!!~

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    Default No more !!!~


    80 days and going down

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    I agree 100%.Bracing for another storm tomorrow night.Luckily we leave for CSA next week.Just hope another storm doesn't cause some worries next week.

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    31 more sleeps and no more snow. Can't wait it is -30C here today, wish we were at CN today.

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    Default's -20 here in Colorado. June in Jamaica can't come soon enough!!!

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    suppposed to be minus 40 ish here tonight argggg, cannot wait to board the plane friday morning, if it's not frozen to the tarmac!!

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    Here in Milwaukee, blizzard warnings go into effect today @ 3 pm. 74 days for us to get back home to CSA. 74 days seems so long, I've changed my countdown to weeks. 10.5 weeks til paradise! Stay warm everyone & hunker down! Razzl

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    Heard on the news that Dallas Ft Worth airport shut down this morning. That's where we always board our connecting flight to Montego Bay. Hope people's travel to Couples isn't affected by this storm. Worried about you guys traveling this week...hope you get out!

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    Kansas City is having a blizzard today and we are supposed to arrive on sat to CN. We are supposed to get 12+ inches of snow. My pretty hot pink toenails are freezing and I can't wait to warm them im the sand THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!

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    In Indiana.. expecting 1 - 1/2 inches of ICE today

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    We are expecting an 'epic blizzard' in southeastern Wisconsin. 15 - 21 additional inches of snow expected (on top of the 4-6 we had yesterday) along with wind gusts up to 50mph.
    Grocery store shelves are bare, schools and stores are closing early to brace for this storm.
    Yee haw.
    83 days and counting!!!

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    I know what you mean they have already closed school for tomorrow 2/2/11 they closed it for tomorrow at 4:10pm today (2/1/11). My kids love it I just wish I was able to go to couples this year but we more than likely wont make it back home to CSA this year. super sad face

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    oh my nerves...were also bracing ourselves for another storm starting wednesday evening,will be another snow day for kiddies on thursday their loving it,
    i'm praying and crossing fingers & toes it all passes through by sat.they say there is more coming the weekend our flight leaves 6am sun morning.we just want to get out of here and get our toes in that jamaican sand

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    Default Snow!

    We just booked our Honeymoon to CSS for June So excited!! Just in time for this monster storm to come through and shutdown work tomorrow and make me wish for a tropical paradise! At least I can work in my pj's

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    We missed most of the storm last night (Cazenovia) and consider ourselves lucky. Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather next Wednesday when we leave for warmer weather!! 7 days and counting! Started to seriously pack the bags last night.

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    Milwaukee is under a civil danger warning. We've been socked in the nose by Mother Nature. Blizzard condidtions w/the snow flying! Am not sure of snow total since we're not done but we've got drifts well over 5ft... Will post pics later. Hoping by then, the board is updated????Anyway, we feel your pain Crabracer!!! Razzl

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    I hear that, just got 14 inches in Kansas City last night.
    Kellie and I leave in 28 days for our wedding @ CSA and this just reaffirms why we chose Jamaica! Can't wait for a Negril sunset!

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    Another 1-2 feet of snow today and the Northeast is buried! 74 more day to CSS and warm weather.

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    Just finished moving 18" out of the driveway here in Illinois. I'll bet Couples get a lot of reservations from the midwest today. I know I checked on my March resrvation and spent too much time reading the message board this afternoon. Now e are bracing for sub zero temps for he next few days.

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    I read these posts about 18", 2 feet, 3 feet, and sub zero temps. I can't even begin to imagine what that is like. Here in Texas, just north of Houston, we have had two straight days of lows around 20 and highs around 35. We are experiencing rolling blackouts, schools have closed for half days, and now they are expecting 1-3" of snow over the next 24 - 36 hours....the whole region will come to a SCREECHING halt. Give me 30 straight days of 100+ degrees with 96-98% humidity and I will tell you that is a "walk in the park", but what y'all are going through would make me a blithering idiot. Good Luck y'all and try to stay warm!!! Keep counting the days as Jamaica and Couples will soon come. See ya at CTI in June.

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    We received 36 inches of snow in Westchester, a record for this area. We received so much snow that I haven't seen the deer I usually feed every morning in the winter for two weeks now. There's so much snow that even the deer are snowed in. The last two days were sleet/freezing rain. The yard is like an ice rink, so I have two very unhappy cocker spaniels.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    I agree 100%. I live in Chicago and we haven't gotten this much snow since 1999. This is crazy! It has affected so many other states. CTI in September is not soon enough. I also will b going to Reno in May so maybe it will b warm there then.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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