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    Default Booking timeline

    Thinking of booking CN trip #2... how far in advance can you book? Looking at dates for Feb of 2012 and it doesn't come up with rates/availability. Thanks!

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    I believe Randymon stated that they will honor 2011 prices for 20212 bookings until they come out with the 2012 rates

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    If you want to book now, do it direct with Couples or a good TA for you can rebook.

    Couples has been running the best sale in May and June, the one with the resort credits. I do not know if they will offer that this year with all the pain that people have given them, but just in case I would keep your options open for it if it happens.
    Irie Mon

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    It looks like you can only book online up until Dec.25, 2011. If you try it says there's no availability, but I really doubt that's the case this early. The rates are only listed until Dec. 25 as well.
    I would call Couples directly and speak to someone.

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