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    Default Pack a Beach Towel?

    Just want to thank everyone for answering all of my questions along the way. I can't say enough on how helpful and nice everyone is. We can't wait for our stay at CSA! Just wanted to know if I should pack us beach towels or is that something provided?

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    They do provide them at 2 separate places on the beach. You can turn in your wet towels everyday as well. I believe we each get 2 but we always end up with more.

    Enjoy! We will be arriving at CSA this Sat!!

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    Beach towels are provided and you can trade them in for clean ones anytime you want to.
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    They have towels for you. It's kinda tricky though. Your beach towel is in your room when you arrive but it doesn't look different than your other towels. When it gets wet, you simply exchange it at the hut on the beach. This can be done as often as you'd like but I noticed sometimes there weren't any available, especially later in the day. I rarely used mine because I was in and out of the water so much. They don't dry out easy due to the humidity so exchange them often.

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    Couples does provide beach towels. I believe at CSA they have a towel card program.
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    Beach towels will be provided, it was fabulous! We were also told we had to change them out at the water sports hut when we wanted clean ones but if the towels were laying out in our room and housekeeping or turn down service came in they always gave us clean ones so we never had to go do it ourselves. Don't know if that's really the norm or not but it happened for us. Be sure you keep track of the towels. Before you leave you do have to go to the water sports hut and turn them in where you will be given a "receipt" which you will turn in when checking out. If you do not do this they say they will charge you for the towels.

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    No need, they are provided and you can change them as often as you like right on the beach. I believe they start you with 2 in the room.

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    No need to bring a beach towel unless you want to. They have very nice towels that you can exchange as needed through out your stay. Just remember on your last day to turn your beach towel to get a receipt for check-out.

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    All of the resorts provide nice beach towels. You can exchange them everyday but you must return them at the end too.

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    They are provided. They will be in your room when you arrive. You can exchange them for fresh one's any time on the beach. They have a towel stand on the beach near the south pool with the swim up bar. I think they also had another spot to exchange them near the north pool by Sea Grape Café.
    On your last day you need to turn them in and get a ticket to turn in when you check out.
    Bringing your own beach towels would take up a lot of room in your suitcase anyway.

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    all you need is your swimming suit and lots of suntan lotion

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    It's provided for u but we take our...i tried to insert a pic
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    No need to bring your own towel. They'll provide one for you and you can trade it in as needed during your stay for a new one.

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    They are provided but we always take our own. It's down to your personal choice. You can change them on a morning and also before you go back to your room.

    During our visit to CN we only used the resort towels by the pool one day. It just so happened that they went missing from our chairs while we were walking along the beach. NOTE I presume this was an isolated incident and by no means am I suggesting this is a problem at any couples resort.

    We simply explained what happened and were given replacement towels at no cost.

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    I think it's hit or miss on this. Sometimes when we go there they are very strict and have a one beach towel exchange per day rule. We tend to go on multiple dives and snorkeling trips per day and the towels get full of salt water before we can even get to the pool so we like to trade them in twice. Sometimes they let us and sometimes they don't. I always bring a beach towel with us just in case and use it for the pool only so it does not get full of salt. The towels they have are very nice and large but if they are wet and full of salt they are pretty useless. Last April they were very strict about it but in October they were not. If you were to only snorkel or dive one time a day you would be fine. Most people do not bring an extra towel but most people don't spend as much time diving as we do so we are a little abnormal in that respect.

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    Beach Towels are provided, and you can exchange them daily (or more often if you want) at the Sports Shack. Also, be sure to turn them in at the Sports Shack before you leave the resort. They will give you a slip to give to the front desk at checkout so they know you returned your towels, and so you will not be charged for them. :O)

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    No need to pack them.

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    No beach towel needed in your suitcase. Couples provides them and you can trade them in as you need during you stay. Enjoy!

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    You can get beach/pool towels from the watersports guys. You basically give them your room number and name and they are 'checked out" to you. You can exchange them for clean towels whenever you want. then turn them in at the end of your stay.

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    No need, as there are plenty of towels and they may get changed throughout the day if needed. Pack light in that regard.

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    Nope. When you got to your room, there will be towel art in the room. Those are your beach towels. I don't know the exchange policy at CSA.

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