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    Default Question About "Deferred Plan"

    Can someone help answer my question? I had booked a trip with the Deferred Plan in early January with a $400 deposit down to hold the room. I am currently in a position to pay the balance off. How do I do that? Normally, I would receive a notice shortly before the 45 day mark prior to arrival but this time I'm able to pay early, so I'd like to do that. Thanks in advance for the info.


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    if you call couples they will give you someones email address that you can send an email to and authorize the payment. We did the differed plan as well and emailed the person whenever we wanted to pay some money toward our trip. I believe my wife talked to someone in the reservations department, pretty easy process to go through.

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    Default Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for the info. I'' give them a call.

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