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    Default First time CTI trip mid-May!

    Hello Couples resorts community! I started this thread to hopefully meet a few people who will be at Tower Isle the same time my girlfriend and I will be there, May 16-22, 2011 We are beyond excited for our upcoming trip and based on all the great comments found on here, are certain a great time will be had. So drop a line if you will be there when we will and if you have any advice for first timers like ourselves please share!!


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    Default Luggage

    Can anyone please share a suggested packing list for a week long trip to CTI? I know my trip is 3 months away but wanted to get a heads up on what to pack, especially since my girlfriend and I are notorious over packers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwhite View Post
    Hello Couples resorts community! I started this thread to hopefully meet a few people who will be at Tower Isle the same time my girlfriend and I will be there, May 16-22, 2011 We are beyond excited for our upcoming trip and based on all the great comments found on here, are certain a great time will be had. So drop a line if you will be there when we will and if you have any advice for first timers like ourselves please share!!

    Hi Lance
    My fiancee and I will be there the same days as you guys. This is our first time also. We are getting married on the 19th and are way beyond excited!!!


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    Linda- so great to hear from someone who will be there the sametime my girlfriend and I will be! The countdown is on, 75 days for us. Where are you and your fiancé from? We are coming from Texas and will probably be the youngest couple there(24&22). We can't wait to enjoy some adult beverages on the beach and relax! Are the two of you going to squeeze in as many activities as you can or relax and enjoy the free time? I think we are shooting for a nice balance of the two. Hope to meet y'all for a congratulatory drink,

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    My husband and I will be there the 15th. Staying until the 19th. We are also from Texas. We are in Arlington. Were are yall

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    Lisa-we are in Tyler. Are y'all CTI veterans or is this first your first time as well?

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    Default we are vets

    This will be our 3rd trip. I have tried other places, but I keep coming back. I love this place so much.

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    Lance - we too are coming down (from Alabama) for our very 1st Couples experience. Words cannot describe how excited we are! I too was hoping to find some information from veteran quests on what to bring/not to bring, etc.

    War Eagle!

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    We arrive on the afternoon of the 16th!! After checking in and orientation you can find me beachside with a cold one!

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    What time do you get in. We get in about 1:50 pm on the 16th. We get to ride together.

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    As for what to bring and not to bring ask away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa1355 View Post
    As for what to bring and not to bring ask away.
    Should we bring the following:
    Bug Spray
    Water shoes/Crocs
    Personel Mug/cup/glass
    Light Jacket
    Snacks (American favorites i.e. M&M's, Coke, Dasani, Red Bull, etc)
    Radio (Sirius)
    G-String bikini (wife)
    Labtop PC
    How much cash (ballpark figure)

    I am sure that I will think of more...

    Thank you sooo very much

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    We never had issues with bugs but do not leave food out in your rooms especially if you are the first floor.

    Water shoes are a yes. You will need good ones that dont come off easy if you go to Dunns Falls

    They are now giving water bottles to you in your room. But you can bring your own. The cups are kinda small. The bartenders will fill your cups.

    No you do not need to bring towels they have plenty. I would suggest you bring a robe they do not have those in all the rooms.

    Yes to the light jacket or sweater sometimes the night air gets chilly.

    You can bring snacks and water. I always take Dr. Pepper But the do have coke products there.

    If take the radio make sure you will get signal there.

    Yes you wife can wear the string bikini. Or yall could go to the Island. There you dont need anything but lots of sunscreen.

    Laptop are good they have free internet. But they also have a internet cafe. You can use theirs

    The money all depends on how many souveniers you get. For tipping the bag guys at the airport, and the drivers, and the people that do the excursions you might want to bring about 150.00

    Let your wife know she probably should NOT take the hairdryer, or straightner. With the humididty it wont last.

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    Lisa- Our plane lands at Montego Bay at 150 PM. Looks like we will be on the same shuttle!! Thanks for the advice on the packing list. One good idea I saw on another thread was a shoe organizer that hangs over the door. You hang it over the bathroom door to help organize your bathroom products. Maybe that's just my OCD kicking in, but I liked the idea.

    Also, what is your take on the "night life" on the resort?

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    Default Photo intro

    Here is a photo of my girlfriend and I. It was taken almost a year ago during a trip to an Austin, TX. We just wanted to put ourselves out there and say HI! Feel free to post your own photo, this way we all know he to look for at the Couples Lounge at the Montego Bay airport.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Lance, our flight arrives at MoBay at 10:15 AM on Saturday May 14th so we will be there a few days before you arrive. I will see what the night life is like and fill you in once you get there...Look forward to meeeting everyone.

    I have scoured the message boards here and found tons of useful information on things to pack and think about while on vacation and away from home. Are you guys gonna do Dunn River Falls and Margaritaville?

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    Sounds good. Glad you will get the lay of the land before we get there. I know we are definitely doing Dunn River Falls and were conidering Margaritaville....however some threads really make it sound kind of not worth it. If a big group of peole go then we might, it could be fun. It's probably what you make it and we are definetly about fun! We are also looking at a zip line excursion and the catamaran cruise.

    I think the girlfriend will have to drag me off the beach to get me to do any excursions. I couldn't be any happier sitting on the beach with adult beverages, but that's just me.

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    the shoe organiver is a good idea. It doesnt matter how many times I go. I always find new ideas on this mb. Well We can start the party before get to the hotel. Meet you in the lobby. I am having trouble putting my picture up so if you want contact at I will send a pic. The night is pretty good sometimes it depends on the people there. But we always have a good time.

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    I have also read some discouraging posts on Margaritaville. Sad because I am HUGE JB fan! I've been to some of the other Margaritaville locations & really wanted to experience this one...we'll see. We are definately doing the sunset catamaran cruise. I too plan on being a bum and just enjoying the beach and my surroundings. Its not very often I get to enjoy a tropical paradise! I may just get intoxicated while im there...wink wink!

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    So is anyone else's addiction to the message board growing as the trip draws closer?? I find myself checking this thread and the rest of the message boards every day.

    Lisa- I'm excited we'll be on the same shuttle and yes we will start the party then. Red stripes will hold us over on the ride there. A couple more questions:
    -What is common dress for the gala night/8 rivers restaurant?
    -What kind of setup works best for carrying stuff to the beach/island? Backpack or a beach bag that my girlfriend would have? Want to keep the sand out of the bag and be able to transport towels, sunscreen, snacks, camera, etc
    -Can you elaborate on check in? How long is the process?

    Aubie- sounds like we are on the same page. I want to know what you are planning to bring as hangover cure for the trip? I enjoy the gym so I know that will help a rough morning but wondered if you had any special remedies? I'm not saying I plan on having too many...I just want to be prepared

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    Lance-I too have become addicted to the message booards. I find myself checking it several times a day. I suppose it makes me the time until we arrive in Jamacia go by faster. I really have no cure for a hangover...although, I hear that you can nurse a hangover w more alcohol... I also think the Jamacian Rastafarians have some remedeys(wink, wink). There is a gym/fitness room? I am currently doing a 3rd round of P90X! I am actually 2 weeks away from finishing. 270 days of it! My wife is a Jazzercise instructor (10 years!!!). We are planning to take a week off from exercise and enjoy "The Fruits of our LABOR!" I may do a quick morning jog or check out one of the Yoga classes. Never thought I would be doing Yoga...

    If any of you have a Facebook account, look me up - Josh Woodham

    This trip cannot get here fast enough!

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    Yes I am addicted. I come here all year long. But when my trip gets closer im on here more.

    as for dressing I always bring just a little black dress. It does have to be to formal.

    We just carry a beach bag. I always take baggies with me one for the camera, one for the sunscreen , one for snacks.

    Have you signed up for the romance rewards yet. If not you will want. You can actually pre-checkin through the web site. Then once get just sign and go to you rooms. It doenst take long at all. Plus they meet you with a drink.

    Are flying aa.

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    Hi everyone! I'm Lance's girlfriend, Shandi. I have actually been trying to ignore the message boards too far in advance so I won't get to antsy! ha but I am absolutely SUPER excited and will have to start checking it more often! I hope to meet some of you and get to hang out!

    Lisa- we are flying American Airlines also!

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    Lisa- we may actually be on the same flight! We leave DFW airport at 10:20 and arrive to MBJ at 1:50!

    Josh- such a nice looking couple! I love her polo dress! We hope to meet you and your wife there!


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    I haven't posted on here in a while, I'm having withdrawls!! The days can't go by quick enough. I think we should all meet up for evening drinks one night while we are there?! Any takers?

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