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    Default CSA atrium windows

    I know that the atrium buildings have been remodeled and have added a/c and minibars. What about the windows? Do they have glass or just shutters...what about screens? We have stayed in ocean view 2 stays but are staying atrium this summer. Just realized that the windows may not have been upgraded.we always kept the temp cool/cold. My husband is recovering from heart attack and surgery ...he just does not sleep in warm temp. Thanks. Can hardly wait for July 13.

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    The Atriums do not have glass, and I think many Atrium lovers like me really hope they never do. :O) I wouldn't worry though. Our room is always as cold as we want it. It's never hot in there with the shutters closed. I think he'll be fine. I don't sleep well when I'm warm/hot either. :O)

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    They didnt have glasses in all the windows when we were there in June. There is glass on the windows facing the atruim. I dont think they are adding glass and I hope not. But there is screens behind the shutters. Our room got so cold with the fan and a/c on we had to turn the a/c off and just used the fan.

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    Screens and "soundproofed" with plastic covers on the atrium louvers. Screens and louvers every where else. Air-conditioning very necessary in July due to humidity and not cooling off at night. Suggest you leave it on all of the time.

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    They always had a/c, they just added a minibar. They have shutters with screens in all the windows except the ones that face into the open middle area (atrium) to keep the noise from the other room out. If you want it cold just close the shutters and turn on the fan and a/c.

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    Dud don't worry the atrium rooms are ice cold. No problems.

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    Ice cold .....even in mid July?

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    I can't think of a better place for someone to relax after surgery....but since you'll be there in July when it is VERY hot and humid, please be sure to drink a LOT of water (even when you're not thirsty) and stay out of the direct sun in the middle of the day....

    If you husband is on any food restrictions, please let the waitstaff know, and they'll generally be able to work with any dietary needs you may have, although there are ALWAYS fresh fruit and veggie selections on the menu, and I know first hand that they'll cook any fish dishes "naked" for you....

    As far as the Atrium goes, we LOVE that category of room - if you think you'll need a ground floor room, when you get to the resort just explain your situation at the front desk and I'm sure they'll do their best to accommodate you.

    I hope you have a lovely time at Swept's our little bit of heaven on earth!!

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    Ice cold... as in running the A/C... can be VERY effective, if you gotta cool it that much...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We have never had a problem keeping the Atrium room cold either, and we also hope they NEVER add the glass or a TV, dont' ever do it CSA! :O)

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    We stay in the atrium every time we go to Swept Away, always on the first floor. It is cold in the rooms. We go in July too. Have a wonderful time. It's our 5th or 6th time going, can't keep track anymore.

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    Default May not be for you if you are really concerned about ..

    Atriums although beautiful are not as private as other rooms with glased windows. The idea of having only screens and shutter flaps protecting you from your neighbours, when you are doing your business (washroom, hanky panky or even changing after a beautiful long day at the beach) can be a bit of a challenge if you are concerned about privacy. Just something to think about when booking this type of room. Not for everyone.

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    sunnydnrum- have you ever stayed in the atrium rooms ? I find the atrium room to be the most private room choice at CSA. 1 ). positioned along less traveled walkways, 2). surrounded by vegetation ,3 ). have a very large porch for privacy in the front of the room. 4). Have the atrium in the center so you have complete privacy from the room next to yours , 5). the shutters are a VERY heavy wood, and probably provide more privacy when shut then glass , 6). the way the entrance is positioned , with the narrow entry and closets and bathroom in the front, provide more privacy while in the bed area. Also, I do not remember the room number, but the first time I stayed in the atrium room, the room DID have glass on the outside window. The atrium room I stayed in without the glass, was actually my preference.

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    schwieso -Aye, no worries mon. Just an opinion mon.

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