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    Default Questions for those that have visited CSA

    Hello all! Thanks to those of you that answered my previous post! Just a couple of more questions, wondering if anyone knows the size of the in room safe. Thinking about what we want to bring that we can lock in the safe when we don't want it with us and are wondering how much room there is.

    I also have seen the odd post from people regarding horse back riding, I think on the beach. Has anyone done this and is it arranged through the hotel or an outside source?

    Last one, if anyone has stayed in a beachfront suite, just wondering what you thought of it!

    Thanks all (absolutely cannot wait for the trip although still about 4 months away - thinking of it on days like this when we are about to get a major wallop of snow!).

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    I don't know the exact measurements of the safe, if no one posts it do a search as I think I've seen it somewhere before. Also, I think there is some variation between rooms and between resorts so doubt you can get an exact answer. The only thing we put in our safe is our travel documents, wallets, cell phones...that's all I can think of right off hand. Our camera, laptop, my jewelry, etc all remain out in the room for easy access and we've never had any issues. We lock our room, don't leave your doors open or unlocked or just anyone walking by can slip in. You can have a bad experience anywhere at anytime but I have to say in 15 trips to Jamaica we've never had anything stolen.

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    Thanks for the feedback, nice to here you've never had any issues with that many visits.

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    Standard safe size. We left our laptop out as well. No issues at all! Stayed in the BFVS and will always book it. We like being right on the beach The verandahs are so big, you will be spoiled! Great spot to watch sunsets!! It like getting a suite or Jr suite on a cruise, you just don't want to go back to an interior cabin again

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    You can fit A LOT in the safe -- I would guess that it's at least 15" across, 6" high and 10" deep.

    As for horseriding -- we saw the same people riding horses up and down the beach several times a day when we were at CSA last week. Definitely not part of the resort. I did see a few guests take a ride -- looked very much like a pony ride though. The horse owner would walk next to the horse with the guest in the saddle. It's kind of like the seadoos -- the locals ZOOM really fast, but the tourists go very slow :-)

    We stayed in a beachfront suite this time -- LOVED it!! We were in the 2nd building away from the Palms, so it was loud from 9-11pm, but otherwise it was a terrific location. No TV, with a stepped-down minibar (you could ask and pay for upgrades and bottles of liquor - otherwise it was Caribe beer, Pepsi/Diet Pepsi, water, clamato) We loved the larger verandah with more comfortable space for both of us to kick back and relax. We were on the 2nd floor, which was great because we could leave the doors open midday (but we closed them at night because of biting bugs). We loved sleeping with all the louvered windows wide open to listen to the ocean all night :-)

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    The safes are typical of what you find in most hotels here in the U.S.

    Horseback riding at CSA is not arranged by the resort but you can go to the tour desk in the Great House and purchase one, which includes the ride and transportation to and from. Be sure to tip the driver and especially the guides. We did the beach ride last year, can't remember the outfit but it was not through Chukka. We were not impressed as it didn't seem as organized or professionally run as the one we did two years prior in Ocho Rio. If we do it again we'd probably try it with Chukka. You really haven't experienced fun until you've taken a horseback ride in the ocean!

    We stayed in a beachfront suite last year and it is awesome!!! Ours was right in the middle of the property which made it convenient to get everywhere. The view from our second floor, wrap around balcony was great!! We're going back again this year but will save a little money by staying in an Atrium, which are nice also. We just wanted to try a beachfront once and were glad we did!

    Enjoy your visit to CSA! 72 days till we're home again and don't you know we're counting!!!

    Bart & Bug

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