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    Default Honeymoon - CN or CSW?

    I'm trying to plan our honeymoon and I've finally narrowed in down to Negril. Would y'all suggest CN or CSW and why? Thanks!

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    Different people have different preferences, and what appeals to me might not appeal to you. My favorite of the four is CN, but CSA is the most popular resort. Read information on accommodation and dining options, take the photo tours, check out the photographs on the map/panoramic view, look at photos posted by guests, and read reviews. If you spend time delving into the wealth of information available on this web site, you'll find something about one of the resorts that particularly appeals to you. That is the resort that you should select. If you're still uncertain, at least you'll have acquired enough information about the resorts that will allow you to ask very specific questions designed to elicit the details necessary for you to make your final decision.

    If you're one of those people who has trouble making a decision and always second-guesses himself/herself, then leave it up to fate and flip a coin. You can have a fantastic time at any one of the Couples Resorts or a miserable time. It's up to you.
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    What are you looking for in your vacation? Both resorts are very special and everyone has their favorite for different reasons. If perhaps you share with us what you are looking for then we might better be able to help you out. Otherwise I suggest you continue to research the MB and read all the reviews. One of the resorts will start to tug at your heart and that will be the one you should go with.
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    We've been to Jamaica 15 times now but last October was our first to a Couples resort, I had narrowed it down to the same two resorts as well. As Pamela said everyone has their own idea of what is the perfect resort for them and on this message board you will find plenty of supports for each of the four resorts. The best way to decide which resort is for you is to look at the web page for each, the pictures and descriptions there really are accurate and not doctored up. Read this message board, especially threads for the resorts you seem most drawn to but read everything as sometimes things get mentioned as a conversation goes on that you may find valuable. As you do this you may find that one resort absolutely wins your heart or your may come up with some very specific questions which you can then ask here. Choosing the resort is half the fun of the trip so enjoy the process.

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    Having been to both(3X at CN, and a day visit to CSA)..we LOVE CN...but if you want more seclusion, and to feel like there is only the 2 of you then CSA is far less social than CN...for a honeymoon this MAY be more ideal, but like I said, CN is our favorite, for many other details, the social scene being one
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