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    Default Beach Dinner

    Question concerning the beach dinner at CSA. We're returnees, but never tried this option. At $170 per couple the tarrif is pretty high especially considering the fact that we've alread paid for dinner and drinks. Two things: is it worthwhile - and are bugs a problem?
    TIA for you input!

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    My husband and I were just having the same conversation " worth it or not ? " We have the $500 resort credit for our upcoming vacation, and seriously considering it. My husband wanted to know if they have lobster on the menu, can you order more then one ? Also, does the price include a free photo ?

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    Default It's always about the bugs

    On our way to CSA in March. Dinner on the beach is a great option, but can be made miserable by bugs. We did this in Dominican Republic and everything was just beautiful until the bugs started in. We may try it again here, but at 170, you get a little nervous about a repeat performance. I guess just bring plenty of repellant and hope for the best. If the bugs aren't bad the experience is worth the money in my opinion.

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    Default Private dinner

    my husband and I did the private dinner in November 2009 following our wedding. It was fabulous. Not a bug any where. Only thing I could really think of complaining about is that I really couldn't see what I was eating as the tiki torches did not illuminate enough. The food was awesome, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Would I do it again? Not sure, it is a large cost, and it isn't like the resort doesn't pamper you anywhere else. You are really right on the shoreline. Worth it for something special, not sure if I would repeat over and over.

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    We did the beach dinner at CSA and lovs it. No bugs and you are right by the surf. The waiter was fantastic. Everyone should do it at least once. And yes, there was lobster.

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    Not to be the dissenting opinion here, but we did it for our anniversary at CSS in January, and found it to be very VERY nice, but NOT worth the money. I would have preferred to use the money at the Spa and have basically the same dinner (no lobster for us) at Casanova.

    There wasn't anything about it that wasn't great. Honestly, the entire thing was really nice and very romantic, however, for the $$ spent, again, spa credits.... we could have had a couples massage for an hour instead.

    No bugs, though. (Note: I was slathered with bug stuff, just in case.)
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    You have to ask yourself if this is special enough to justify the cost. We did it a few years back, and now we can look back and say we did it and that it was a special time. Take bug spray and make sure you apply to your ankles and lower legs.

    I gave my wife a gift during desert to make the moment very special. Memories and romance are priceless.

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    I was with bug spray and to be honest its what you make out it. For us it was incredible and the best time we EVER had! Just magical. So any amount of money was worth it.

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    We had a beach dinner in February and really enjoyed ourselves. Our waitress was fantastic. It is really romantic and the one on one time for us was really worth it.
    The meal was absolutly delicious and we found the portions to be bigger than the restaurants we were so stuffed! We both had lobster.
    As for bugs I had put some repellant on but they offered us a can of OFF that we kept at the table. Did not get any bites!
    So for us yes it was worth it, would we do it again yes.

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    Vee, how much is was your resort credit for? Ours is for $500 and we will b able to do the Couples massage & dinner on the beach. I know that u can also have dinner on the patio. That may also be an option. I agree with ib2loud, that you should try it at least once. I was concerned about the lobster because, my husband & I both do not eat lobster. They informed us that we could substitute the lobster for something else. Just let them know when we book the dinner.
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    I am clearly in the minority here. And I recognize that. Honestly. We didn't have an option for Lobster on our menu choices, and were told that we had to choose from the set menus.

    In looking back, I'm glad that we did do it once, but for me, it didn't live up to the hype. Perhaps my expectations were too high. And on that trip, we didn't have any resort credits, so we paid out of pocket.

    On this coming trip, we'll have $700 worth of resort credits, so maybe we'll do it again, although I doubt it. I'd rather do a massage every day. In any case, many people love it and say it was the most magical romantic part of their trip. I'm just trying to offer an alternate viewpoint.

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    It's all good....

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