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    Hello, i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i bring some school supplies to Jamaica with us on vacation to give to the schools? Or if i can have it sent down there or what i need to do ta go about donating some supplies? thanks for your help! What kind of stuff do they need?


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    We do it every year. I buy extra school supplies in August when they are so cheap and just store them during the year. We also buy a small toy ($2-$6) and additional school supplies, not every time, but many times during the year when we go to Wal-mart and stock those up. Also, if you have a Dollar General type store, we go there and buy coloring books and colors. You can get the big coloring books for $1-$2. Then in June, we carry an extra 30" duffle bag full of these toys and supplies to Jamaica. I give the staff at the resort that I am close to a chance to get stuff for their kids first. The remaining supplies, i give to the resort manager and he delivers them to local schools and or churches.

    Lat year, I received and unexpected bonus. When we arrived in Jamaica, our plane as well as three others all landed at the same time. by the time we got our bags, the line at immigration had nearly 100 people standing in it. The Jamaican nationals line had one person in it. I grabbed my wife and said let's go. She reluctantly followed and away we went. I told the guard in the nationals line that I had a huge amount of stuff that I thought I might need to "claim", with them. I opened the duffle and explained what Iwas doing with, churches, schools.... and he sent us straight through. No waiting in line, no mess, no fuss, straight to the Couples Lounge for a cold Red Stripe.

    Good Luck!
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    oh ok, cool. i will do that. Thanks for the info. I was wondering how i would get the stuff to the schools. We are headed to CSA march 19th for our honeymoon and want to give a little to them also.

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    We're doing the same during our visit to CSA in April. I contacted the resort and received an e-mail from them saying that they work with Mount Airey Basic School in Negril where they have about 40 3-5 year olds. We're looking forward to bringing things they'll need to help educate these children.

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