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    Default the queen is holding us captive

    Four foot icicles. BRRRRR
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    The snow snorkeling is the best!!! Too funny!!! :O)

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    Here are Items from Jamaica that go well with Snow!
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    Default Tucked Away!

    Tucked Away!
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    Default White Christmas 2011 - Rocky Bottom S.C.

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    Our son giving his first snowman smooches!!

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    Default Winter Wonderland

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    Default one <3 ...Couples Negril

    New Hampshire's latest snowstorm..2/2/ forecasted storm... 2/5/11 and then another 2/8/11..can't wait to step on the warm sand of Negril on 2/23/11
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    Default Living Couples year-round in Minnesota's not just a country, it's a state of mind!

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    Really missing couples,Red Stripe is just not the same
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    Default We get ice to go with our snow here in Southeast Missouri

    Ice and snow in Missouri. Take me home to Jamaica mon
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    oops! Meant to say White Christmas 2010!

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    Default hmmmm......"I wonder how long it would take me to get to Jamaica?"

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    Oh my gosh, the man snow snorkeling has my vote, that is a great picture!!!! Man there is some serious snow at some peoples houses, wow!!

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    Default Marquette, MI

    Check out the snow in our neck o' the woods!
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    This is waht we were doing two days returning home from CN.

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    Thanks everyone for your great photos. I am closing this now and will advise who we have selected as the winner.

    Stay Warm!

    Couples Resorts

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    Congratulations Suznjoe:

    That picture is insane. I will contact you offline to arrange for your free night.

    Thanks to all for the fun. "Snowkling" was a close second.....

    Couples Resorts

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