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    Default First time review of Sans Souci

    I spent a lot of time reading about Couples and specifically Sans Souci before we left. I absolutely love that this board exists to offer an idea of what to expect. I thank everyone for contributing. I will not say much about the common topics, with a few exceptions.

    The resort is kind of split. The main pool/beach area with the A-C building is relatively flat. This includes the pond and the sunset beach as well as Bella Vista and Palazzini. Then you have the hilly side. Be prepared to climb lots of steps and walk on an incline if you are in C-G or want to go to the lobby, mineral pool, spa, gym, balloon bar or Casanova. I mention this as my husband does have mobility issues. He fared much better than I expected. Yes, the stairs hurt him but we took our time, rested every so often and once we reached the room, he recovered after a 5 minute rest. He knew they would drive us from one area to the other but he didn’t want to do that so we just walked slowly.

    1.) The staff is awesome. It’s true, they are! So friendly, so accommodating, so nice. I just can’t say enough. Definitely get over to the swim-up pool bar when Shelliann is running a game or Miguel offers his history classes. Both are friendly, entertaining, intelligent people. We had the impression they love to talk about Jamaica so feel free to ask questions.

    2.) The resort itself IS beautiful. I love that it’s on a private bay and you don’t see another resort around. Go out and take the glass-bottom boat ride and you will see the coast and some other resorts but that’s it. Or, at the natural beach – you can see remnants of an old one. I have no idea what’s going on there as it’s a prime location.

    3.) The food was excellent. The hubby had one “bad” meal at the grill during lunchtime. The food wasn’t really hot (temperature, not spice). He could have said something but didn’t. Not a huge deal. The desserts offered were so yummy. Really, every meal at every restaurant was excellent – including room service.

    4.) We had the Pavarotti Suite (C8) initially and loved it. Huge suite. Only room on the resort with 2 bedrooms/baths and a kitchen. Great view though a little blocked by vegetation. The beds were comfortable – not soft and not too firm. Slept very well. Had plenty of hot water in the showers and good pressure! Just an FYI if you try to nap late afternoon…housekeeping comes by between about 4 and 5pm to drop off fresh towels. I washed out our swimwear every day and hung it on the bar on the balcony. The next day I’d hang it over the line in the shower to completely dry. We each brought 3 swimsuits and that was plenty for 10 nights.

    5.) I admit I miss being smiled at and called “milady”. I talked to my coworkers but they refused

    6.) At the Tuesday night beach party, the entertainment includes a band called “silver bird steel orchestra” – fabulous! Bring your cameras.

    7.)The fruit smoothie bar near the mineral pool offers such wonderful drinks, I only wish they had that same bar on the other side of the resort, near the main pool/beach.

    8.) The Beach Grill has a self-serve soft-serve ice cream machine. A wonderful treat for a hot afternoon however, it was frequently empty or broke

    9.) The bar at the Beach Grill offers brewed ice tea. Very refreshing.

    10.) You can get a latte or cappuccino at Palazzini after dinner. They may have it earlier in the day as well, not sure about that.

    11.) Can we agree that you should NOT spit in the pool or around it? My husband almost fell when he stepped on some rude person’s mucous. Really? That’s just rude (and disgusting) on so many levels.

    12.) Love the sax player!

    13.) The Friday night Starslight Gala is resort elegant. We didn’t see this until after. The husband looked it up when we returned to the room. He noticed a lot of men in pants. He wore his dress shorts as a lot of men did. I didn’t think it was a huge deal. It was an honest mistake and I think he would have been too hot to be outside in pants. As I said, a lot of other men wore shorts and no one really seemed to mind. We did see people in jeans and come on, you can’t bring one pair of nice shorts or pants?

    14.) We did not find the ride from the airport to the resort to be horrible. If you think those are bad roads, then you should go to some other islands. This was a nicely paved highway. Not as wide in some areas as others but certainly not dangerous or scary. It is an English commonwealth so they do drive on the left. That may make you uneasy if you’ve never experienced it.

    That’s all I can think of for now. We will definitely return to Sans Souci the only problem is it won’t be quick enough. I hope that this brief review is helpful and gets you as excited for your upcoming trip as I was. Feel free to ask questions, I will do my best to respond.

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    Love CSS... can't wait to go home in 79 days! Thanks for your review.

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    I'm jealous, we really want to go back! Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the info, 22 days for our first CSS Jamaican adventure. I love the message board too, I think it is one of the the things that sold me on the Couples Resort. I thought if this many people are that passionate about a resort then we must go...beyond excited.

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    My husband and I were at CSS in December and return this May! It was our best vacation ever! It will be nice to get away from all of this snow and the memory of it. You did a very nice job describing everything about the resort. We were in the B building on the 3rd floor. We had a direct view of the Sea and everything else. We did enjoy all the long walks and the stairs because you eat so much. Makes you feel like your exercising. LOL! Cannot wait to return. Our second trip.

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    What goes on at the starlight gala at CSS? Just curious since the dress is resort elegant?

    CSS July 2011!!!

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    Do you know what building blocks the 1-bedroom beachfront suites are in? We leave on 2/19 for a week. YAY

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkyaim View Post
    5.) I admit I miss being smiled at and called “milady”. I talked to my coworkers but they refused
    I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    Do you know what building blocks the 1-bedroom beachfront suites are in? We leave on 2/19 for a week. YAY
    The 1-bedroom beachfront suites are in blocks A and B

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    The Friday night Starlight Gala is on the main lawn. HUGE buffet with many varied stations - meats, seafood, salads, flambe, desserts, everything you can imagine.
    They have a stage where they introduce the resort staff then local entertainment. When we were there it was the band that frequently plays at the Balloon Bar and then a Jamaican entertainer by the name of AJ Brown - very good.
    At our event, they auctioned off nights at CSS. I believe the money raised went to local school charities.

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    Great review. Billy and I are thinking to make San Souci our first half of a two week vacation next year (CTI being the second half) and I'm so glad to have found your review. I've heard there's a lot of stairs and stuff so it's sorta less intriguing... but the hidden hottubs and what not do have an allure.

    PS I too miss being called M'lady (or Boss lady)

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    Stairs or not, we loved it and miss it already.

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