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    my fiance and i are getting married in october and are leaning more towards CTI for our honeymoon. i have read alot of reviews and just cant seem to decide. a few questions for all you veterans! first off, do they have parasailing somewhere close? we didnt get to do it when we went on our cruise and its something we always wanted to do. Second off, how is the nightlife? are there alot of things to do?
    any advice and opinions are helpful!


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    I liked CSA better and know for sure they have parasailing there off the beach. I never saw anyone parasailing at CTI, but that doesn't mean they don't have it. I'm just not sure.

    I think a lot of people book CTI because of all the included excursions, but if you are really looking for a tropical and romantic honeymoon then I think CSA is way more that way. Also, CSA has a night club and you would be closer to off site night life over in Negril. This is just my opinion. Good luck deciding.

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