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    As I was shoveling sidewalk after yesterdays snowfall with snow beyond my knees I thought wow next week at this time I'll be at CSA and instead of cold snow sneaking over my boots it will be beautiful white sand in between my toes.We have been coming to couples for a few years now in Feb/Mar and I feel so fortunate to be able to break up the winter by coming down to Couples.Lookimg so forward to my break from snow and cold as I'm sure many other Feb and Mar travellers are.Enjoy

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    Man, I would love to be there with you. However, since the second job I take on to help pay for our trip home is as a taxpreparer, those months are out of the question. Plus, the cost during the peak times are a little hard for my budget. We usually will get out of WI in early Dec to get our sun and reconnect before I start working long hours, and that helps to tide us over during the LONGGGGGGG winters here. Enjoy your sun.

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    Have an awesome vacation & holiday! We have 10 weeks until we go home to CSA. If you care to post a few live updates, we'd be most greatful & appreciative! One more thing... Have a rumpunch for me! Yum!!!!!!!! Razzl

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    My husband and I live in north east Ohio. We too have been shoveling and chipping away at the recent ice. We are looking at 40 days til we have our toes in sand instead of snow boots. We usually go in March or April. I need to convince my husband to take another week off so we can go two times ayear.
    One Love,

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    I'm right there with ya... 79 days!!!!

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    Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and more of the same for the week. We are also from Ohio and just can't wait until the feel of sand between our toes and the warm Caribbean sea lapping around our feet. 12 days and 21 hours to go. Hope and pray there is not travel problems on the 18th or 19th for the other couple going with us.

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    Sigh....we're having a heat wave in Boston (40 degrees today)! The drifts are still taller than I am!! Enjoy CSA - you may want to shovel a little sand in remembrance of those of us still suffering in the snow!!

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    It is funny how ones perspective on things can be so different. I read all the posts on this thread about getting out of the snow and ice and going home to a warmer climate. All of you people from the north...I don't know how you do it but my hat is off to you. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to unbury myself from all that snow and ice. Anyway, here is the different perspective.....we are from Texas and we wait to go home until June. It is so nice to go back to Couple each year partly because it is only in the 80's or 90's....we go to get a break from the heat. LOL!!!!
    Home in just over 100 days.....WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Another northeast Ohio jamerican! Last week, I brought a space heater into my office, shut the door and turned on my island music. It was a lot easier to work when I wasn't thinking about the snow

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    Thanks so much.I will try to post an update while there as I enjoy reading posts when others give a little update.

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