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    Default romance rewards/return guests...

    Make sure you are fully aware of what you have earned before you go. We went to CTI in January. At check in we got our T-Shirts and an envelope with our massage coupons & invite to the repeater's dinner. My sister-in-law who is a repeater did not get it handed to her like we did so she asked and it was right there.

    However, we also had earned a $50 gift shop credit. At CN in the past, you just charged it to your room and the credit was applied at check out. So on day 4 I thought I should check that it was the same...and it wasn't. We were suppose to get a coupon in our welcome kit. The filled one out right away but had to wait for a manager to sign it...and said they would deliver it to our room once signed. That was Saturday...I called down on Sunday to rsvp for the repeaters dinner and asked about it. I was told the manager was going to be right over to sign it. I went down on Sunday...sorry, still not signed. Monday, they finally had it signed at 2:30pm. We were leaving on Tuesday so went to use it. Well the gift shop had to get a authorization number...they let me go to the other shop to spend the rest of the money...but they still needed the number. Finally after shopping for about an hour, we were all set.

    Then on the way home, we arrived to pick up guests at Sans Souci and realized we never got our exit snack/cooler. Which is funny since I made sure my sister-in-law got hers on Monday. No big deal, I already have a couples cooler but we really shouldn't have to be the ones to get what is promoted as rewards.

    So just make sure you know what you should be getting...cuz we wouldn't have gotten our $50 gift shop credit otherwise!

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    We didn't get our $75 shop credit in October last year from CTI and I asked about it twice. We have also never been sent our $100 check which as top level repeaters and staying two weeks we were due to receive. You have reminded me to contact Couples about it. Thanks.

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    Yeah, we didn't get out exit snack/cooler, either! I guess next time...and we don't already have one :dunno:

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    We were there in May as 7 time repeaters. No snacks, no photo credit and no cooler and did not know we were supposed to get them.

    We did get t shirts and the massage credits.

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    same here, have yet to get our exit snack/cooler... I will have to get a bit aggressive this time instead of nicely asking and not getting anywhere I guess. I do think if rewards are promised, then we should get them without having to go beg for them, kinda takes the fun away from it.

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    we also had to request our $500 resort credits after checking in(they weren't in our check in package) and ask for exit cooler prior toleaving. It was really no bother, I guess with all the people checking in and out it must be difficult to keep track of all the repeaters and such. Bottom line is: know what you deserve, if not given upon arrival, ask nicely, and you will recieve!
    310 day wait for our return.......................................

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    That's the thing... I very nicely asked about our departure snack and cooler and got nowhere.

    It's not like we're making stuff up that we want... these are things that Couples comes up with and says we are supposed to get.

    It makes me uncomfortable to have to go in and beg for things that THEY promised us in the first place.

    We too are at the highest level in the repeaters program but I don't feel any more entitled than the next guy, just saying is it too much to just expect to get what they have said we'll get without having to go chase people down and beg?

    But as I said, this time if we don't get the stuff, I'm gonna have the list printed out and will be a bit more bold until we get it.

    And for those who say they don't worry about their rewards and don't plan their trip around getting them... it seems they are usually the ones who have always received upgrades and/or all the rewards items without having to go ask for them.

    We love Couples and will always return... I'm just saying if they are going to promise things, then they should be sure the guests get those things. It's THEIR program not mine... either figure out how to get the stuff to the appropriate guests, or just drop the repeaters program. Don't continue to require that we go find people and check on the stuff every day during our vacation trying to get the things so we can use them (like spa credits and gift shop credits especially).

    Thanks for letting me vent! Peace

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    The pre check-in helps prevent these issues. In addition, my husband and I are always all smiles and generous with our "please"s and "thank you"s. We have had to ask for our repeaters gifts before, but they were always delivered promptly, and we've never had to ask twice. Good luck? Maybe.

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    I tried to do the pre-check-in and got a reply "Newbie". If not correct you are suppose to send an email or contact Sean by phone which I did both but have not received a reply to either message. This is our 4th stay with Couples arriving Saturday 2/12for 7 nights at CSS. I hope we don't have problems when we get there.



    This is Sean. I do not have any correspondences from you. Please email me directly at

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