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    Default Honeymoon not within 30 days of wedding

    So our honeymoon at CSA is not within 30 days of our wedding. My fiance is a teacher, so we have to wait till her spring break, about 60 days after our wedding. Any idea if we are still going to get the honeymoon welcoming package?


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    No. Honeymoon perks are only available if your stay at Couples occurs within 30 days of your wedding date.

    From the wedding/honeymoon FAQs:

    How do I receive my complimentary honeymoon gifts?

    Honeymooners receive a complimentary bottle of champagne and his / hers half hour massages.
    -Reservation must have comment “honeymoon”
    -Valid for couples that were married within 30 days of arriving to resort
    -Proof of wedding at check in (proof of marriage is a copy of the marriage license or wedding certificate).
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    I am also wondering the same thing! I am a student so I can't go until I have a break as well. It is for our honeymoon so I would really like to get the honeymoon package to make our trip even more wonderfuL!!!

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    My husband and I spent out honeymoon at CSA in 2010. We were married in June of 2009. we still received all of the honeymoon benefits. Bring a copy of your marriage license, I am sure they will be happy to honor you special trip. Good luck

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    I also have the same dilemma as I am a student. I emailed couples and was told that the resort (CSS) would be more than happy to give me the complimentary honeymoon package.

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