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    Default Arriving April 23, 2011

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary at CSA. This will be our 1st visit to a Couples resort. Any suggestions on places to see and people to meet. Go Pack Go!

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    Congrats on your wedding anniversary! You will love your vacation. GO PACK GO!

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    We are also arriving at CSA on April 23. You will love it! It is our fifth time.

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    We will be at CSA on the 23 rd too...from wi flying out of chicago. Go pack!
    Erika & Sean

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    Make sure to go to the Martini Bar above the Palms Restaurant. Also, try the snorkeling. It's really relaxing and romantic. You should really go over to the sports complex too. It's got a smoothie bar and infused water and it's just cool over there. A stroll across the property at night is also a must because the lighting is so perfect and beautiful. Enjoy. CSA is the best!

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    My advice is to plan nothing, don't fill your schedule. When you get there you can decide what you really want to do but you may just find that sitting on and walking that beautiful beach is all you want or need. Every year we say to ourselves that "This year we will do..." and every year when we get there we can't pry ourselves away from the beach.

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