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    I did a search and couldn't find a topic on this.. can anyone tell me what kind of ice cream they have there? Is it coconut milk or regular creamed milk? I am not a big pastry dessert eater.. I prefer fruit and ice cream. When we were in Mexico last year I was addicted to their coconut vanilla ice cream!!

    Do you know if they have different flavours...hard only or is there soft serve as well?? I like "hummers"... the drink lol ....and would like to know if they have the soft stuff too.

    83 sleeps till toes in the sand and hopefully ice cream in my hand! LOL

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    When we were at CSS last November, the Palazzina Restaurant had two flavors of ice cream (or sherbert) at the lunch buffet each day. The flavors were not always marked, but they all were very good. My favorite was the rum raisin.

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    At CSA, there is a self-serve soft-serve machine with vanilla, chocolate and v/c twist. At dinner at the Palms and Patois, they usually have ice cream or sorbet -- flavors change. We had vanilla ice cream, and mango sorbet.

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    You don't mention which resort you are going to. When we were at CSA in October they had a self-serve soft ice cream machine at Sea Grapes which did the usual vanilla, chocolate and twist. There were cones there or either bowls or cups I believe. I do not know if it was made with coconut milk or regular milk.

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    At CSA there's a soft serve ice cream stand at Seagrapes. The restaurants also serve various kinds of icecream. I think they had green tea and also ginger ice cream at Lemongrass....

    As a dessert suggestion, even if you're not that interested in creme brulee, you should really try the creme brulee at Feathers....I've had their rosemary creme brulee and it's just phenomenal! Feathers has spoiled me for creme brulee anywhere else in the world!!!

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    I mean at Couples Tower Isle btw!

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    At CN there was a self serve, soft serve ice cream machine. It had Chocolate and Vanilla. I ate way more cones then I should have and made some coke floats.

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    At CTI the Ice Cream Machine was in "unhealthy corner" with the Nacho machine, chips "n" Burgers - of course we never visited this part of the resort (nose grows longer).There were 2 flavours, I seem to remember chocolate and vanilla. will be able to confirm in april :-)

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    Luv-d-Carib is right, there is chocolate, vanilla and also twist. It is made from regular milk.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks everyone! LOL @ Luv being in the unhealthy corner!!! I will avoid that one too with the rest of the Pinocchios!!!

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