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    I hear conflicting views about garden verandah suites...we don't want to be near the road and our travel agent said we would not be. After reading reviews, some say they are near the road. She said the rooms near the road are garden suites..not garden verandah. I would change to something closer to the beach, but apparently the resort is full during the first week in May. Any information would be appreciated.

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    Garden Suites and Garden Verandah Suites are now the same thing. They were both near the road, just on different sides of the resort. They have renovated the Garden Suites and combined those categories. That category is the closest one to the road but they have added glass to all the windows to eliminate noise. There are trees, foliage and walking paths between the road and the rooms so it's not like you will be looking at the road or anything. The porch is not near the road and faces toward the beach.

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    Your travel agent is misinformed. Garden Verandah Suites are near the road. Some of the regular older Garden Suites might be just a few feet closer, but not enough to make a difference if road noise is a concern. I've been to CSA four times, stayed in a GS the first time and a GVS the second. They were nice, comfortable, but road noise when trying to sleep was an issue.

    The last two were BeachFront suites....that's where we've decided we belong from now on.

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    There are lots of people that are confused and puzzled as to why Couples chose to try to upgrade the Garden Suites to Garden Verandah Suites. I get they want to make more money per room, but they are totally different and thus the confusion. The Garden Suites used to not have a TV or minibar and they were a seperate and cheaper category (which some customers really seemed to like). Now that they have the TV and minibar, there name has been changed to Garden Verandah Suites.

    The original Garden Verandah Suites are newer, have a tub/shower combo and are identical in every way (except end units of course have an extra window). All the rooms now categorized under GVS have the road behind them. I believe a couple of the GS--now GVS--may face the road. I'm sure some of the rooms are closer than others to the road. The only thing you can do it request a room that is the furthest from the road and if you are wanting the true and original GVS, ask if there are any of those left.

    I have also read that if you shut your bathroom door and the A/C is running, that you really can't hear the road noise.

    You will love CSA and will have a blast. Good luck with the room. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you get and if you're not, see if they can move you.

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    Garden Suites AND Garden Verandah Suites are near the road. These units all closest to the road with sometimes just a small amount of vegetation and a fence between them and Norman Manley Boulevard. We have stayed in both and have not had any problems with noise as long as we keep our bathroom door closed and air conditioning on. We do find there is more noise in the Garden Suites though. They are all now called Garden Verandah suites since tv's and fridges were added to the Garden Suites a few months ago. The rooms that used to be called Garden Verandah suites are on the newer side of the resort. Perhaps you could ask for something on the newer side or something closer to the Great House when checking in to ensure you got what was originally called a Garden Verandah suite.

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    What to say about this?? Unfortunately, both the Garden Verandah Suites on the new side and the Garden Verandah Suites on the old side (these USED to be called Garden Suites) have some noise. We've stayed in the GVS on the new side on numerous occasions, and while there IS road noise, it hasn't been all that bad. Since the resort appears full when you're there, you may want to wait 'til you get there and see how you like your room. We've found the front desk to be very helpful in moving our room when they're able....sometimes that requires a day or two wait, but they will definitely do what they can to provide you with the experience you're looking for.

    The good thing about either the old or new GVS is that they have glass windows and when you turn on the air conditioning, the outside noise is pretty effectively drowned out.

    We love CSA,and I hope you enjoy your time there!

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