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    How excited are we, as we watched the ice-covered tree branches bend in the frigid wind?? We arrive on Feb 19th for 8 fun-filled, sun-soaked days! We are new to CTI, having spent the last two Feb breaks at San Souci, which we absolutley loved...but it was time to try something new. So: any suggestions are welcome, anyone who would like to meet for drinks is great, any off-resort ideas are also welcome!
    Maureen and Pat

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    Just lay back and do whatever floats your boat. Don't plan too much. Maybe pick two or three things and rest in between. There's much to be said for holding down the floatie and the beach chair. When you arrive, you can see all the things that are offered and pick from whatever your budget is. There's fun free stuff and there's fun really expensive off-resort stuff. No problem, mon! Sun_princess

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