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    Default CSA room choice--help needed NOW!

    I must book our trip but I still can not decide if atrium is the way we need to go on our 3rd trip in July. We stayed in OV both times before and thought we would always stay in an atrium building on our next husband had a massive heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery in the past year. So sleep is a priority for him (and me too). He is very noise sensitive now at night....will noise be a problem in an atrium? What about staying cool/cold at night? He can not sleep if it is warm to hot....Thanks!

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    Thought I would try and answer.
    We had an atrium a couple weeks ago.
    I really think the level of noise depends more on where you are in the resort. I thought it was noiser room then we had previously however, after 10pm it was very quiet. We had ground floor, so I assume second floor would be quieter. Our room was 2119, if you want to try and locate on the map.

    I thought the room got cool enough at night. We turned the AC off during the day, as with the open screens it seemed a waste.

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