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    My wife and I are planning a trip in January 2012 for our 10 year anniversary and a vow renewal. Looking to bring down 5-6 other couples with us. My wife and I are are both quite active and Rachelle is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Do they let guests teach classes? Any reviews on vow renewals? How are the beach vendors? What's the off-resort stuff like? Any info about the place/area would be appreciated. If we book a specific room category, do we get it for certain?


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    You will get the room category you book the thing you cannot choose is the building or room number, they do not take requests for these as there are guests coming and going daily so that would just create chaos. When you check in you can ask about a room preference if you have found one from reading here and if it's available they will honor your request at that time.

    If you make eye contact with the vendors they will ask you about buying their items but a simple no thanks and they move on, if you don't make eye contact they generally don't ask you. Security does a good job keeping them moving if they linger. In fact I was talking to one of them and security came up and told me to make my deal or he had to move one. If you find you really do want to engage them in a conversation or haggle with them at more length arrange to meet them just off the couples property...if you are facing the water go to the left and it's an open area that no resort owns and you can meet them there. If you are worried about being bothered by them they are absolutely no trouble.

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    They DO take requests, they just don't take requests IN ADVANCE. Once you are there you can request whatever you want and they will check to see if it's available. If it is not and you dislike your room they will allow you to move in the next few days if a better room becomes available. Just ask what else is opening up in the next few days if you are really unhappy.

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